What are the Differences Between G Suite and Google Workspace?

What are the Differences Between G Suite and Google Workspace?

Have you ever gotten confused about G Suite and Google Workspace? Or witnessed a situation when you think are both the same?

Well, it’s not surprising because many people think both of them are the same; however, they are not.

Let’s not create more confusion. Have a look at G Suite and Google Workspace; it’s exciting features and differences. Read on!

What Do You Mean By G Suite?

First, we will discuss the G suite and its features. In 2006 the service started for businesses to use Google’s services. They used to take monthly subscriptions for these services.

Instead of maintaining their own various tools, network storage, and email server, G Suite allowed businesses to utilize Google’s suite. Moreover, it consisted of collaboration tools and cloud-based productivity needed for an organization.

The G suite consists of

  • Gmail
  • Google Talk
  • Calendar
  • Page Creator.

Later Google has included other apps such as:

  • Google Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Forms
  • Google Drive
  • Google Chat
  • Meet

G suite provided these tools for free of cost to consumers. Furthermore, customers get email addresses for their domains (such as businessname@gmail.com), admin tools, cloud storage, client support 24/7, and much more.

Understand Google Workspace

G Workspace is the new form of G Suite. The service is termed “Google Apps for Your Domain.” After some time, it was named “Google Apps,” and in 2016, it was renamed as “G Suite.”

Google Workspace and G suite provide the same services for a layperson. However, it includes many changes that Google has made throughout 2020. The different tools have deeper integration with each other.

Remember, Google Workspace is not at all free. All tools available in Google Workspace are free but not for businesses. Furthermore, it includes many pricing tiers to match the requirements of your business.

As you know, most businesses have shifted to remote work, which is why the demand for Google workspace has increased. 

Best Plans For Google Workspace

Below we have mentioned the top 3 plans for Google Workspace that an organization can opt for. 

Business Starter

  • $96 one user for a year
  • Gmail Business
  • For one user 30 GB Email & Drive
  • Voice and video conferencing for more than 100 people
  • Accessible on every device. Uptime guarantee 99.9% for data and email.

Business Standard

  • $210 one user per year
  • Gmail Business
  • For one user, 2 TB per email & drive (1TB for less than five users)
  • Voice and video conferencing with 150 people. Also, record to Google Drive.
  • Access to an intelligent office suite for all devices. Uptime guarantee of  99.9% for data and email.
  • Pooled storage by Business edition

Business Plus

  • $288 for one user per year
  • Gmail Business
  • For one user, 5 TB for Email and Drive (if there are less than 5 people, then 1TB)
  • Voice and video conferencing with approx250 people. Furthermore, record to Google Drive.
  • It has advanced control of mail—encrypted email.
  • Pooled storage by Business edition

Differentiate G Suite and Google Workspace

The original name is “Google Apps for Your Domain,” which was renamed in 2016 as Google G Suite. Well, Google Workspace was launched in 20202 October as the evolution of G Suite by Google. 

Moreover, in the pandemic (2020), Google found that the meaning of workspace is changing rapidly. So changes were made to Google G Suite to make it a reliable, accessible, and secure workspace for every type of business.

Well, Google Workspace provides the same service as Google G Suite. The tools and applications of Google Workspace are integrated. Instead of jumping from one app to another, all the applications will be found in a single place.

G Suite V/S Google Workspace

Easy access

Google Workspace allows every team member to access Gmail, Google, and other documents on Google drive. Moreover, the best part is that the entire team can easily get access from a similar platform.

Usually, it’s easy to coordinate, share, create, or plan better with colleagues or new customers. Whether employees are working from home or office, businesses will be fully empowered to check the progress. They can continue to be productive and have healthy interactions with colleagues.

Better user experience

With Google Workspace, you can enjoy an integrated user experience that helps teams collaborate effectively. It allows front-line workers to stay connected and companies to provide new digital experiences to the clients.

Updated applications

G Workspace provides access to every team member. Even if employees are working remotely, they can get Google Chat, Google Workspace, and Google Meet. Also, Google Workspace integrates all the collaboration tools with its application.

Better collaboration

Isn’t it great if your team members can get connected even at a distance? Moreover, the employees can stay in touch and be able to meet to maintain a stimulating office environment.

It is compatible with a phone, a laptop, or a desktop, which helps to accomplish your everyday tasks. Moreover, G Workspace has the feature of Google Calendar. Here a business owner can see when a team member is on leave or available for work in the “office.” Also, you can plan or schedule meetings accordingly. So Google calendar is the most prominent feature of G Workspace. 

Wrapping Up 

G Suite is Google Workspace now!

In conclusion, Google Workspace is the need of new-age businesses. You might have got a clear idea of the difference between G Suite and Google Workspace.

Furthermore, Google Workspace has introduced some new features. Also, it offers access to a smart chip that contains essential contact information.

If you have any questions about pricing or cloud work email, contact us. We will be happy to provide the information you need.

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