10 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone XR

10 Great Reasons Why You Should Buy iPhone XR

It’s time to buy a new phone, but what should you buy? There are many great options for smartphones these days, but if you want the best of the best, you should strongly consider buying the iPhone XR. Take a look at this blog post to uncover 10 reasons why iPhone XR is the right choice!

1. The iPhone XR Has A High-Quality, Durable Display

Apple’s iPhone XR has a large LCD screen housed in the most durable front and back glass. The lively colors of this device appear to sit on top of the surface thanks to its 1400:1 contrast ratio, making it perfect for gaming and watching videos.

2. The Cameras On The iPhone XR Are Impressive

This phone has a single 12MP camera at the back and many amazing sensors around it that allow for clearer, crisp pictures even in low light conditions. The front-facing camera makes your selfies look fantastic and enables you to unlock your device with the Face ID function.

3. The iPhone XR Is Water-Resistant

If you drop your phone in liquid or happen to spill liquid on it, then dust particles usually may enter your device — but the iPhone XR has a water-resistant design, so it should be able to withstand these occurrences! The lightning port and the headphone jack are protected by waterproofing seals that prevent liquid from entering your phone’s delicate internal circuits.

4. Phone Calls Sound Clear On The iPhone XR

Who wants to use a phone when voice calls sound like an old radio? Well, you don’t have to worry about this issue with the iPhone XR! It makes use of the technology called HD Voice that makes your voice sound clear and natural during a call and you’ll be able to hear the person on the other line perfectly. You can also switch between two calling modes—loudspeaker calls or regular phone calls.

5. There Are Many Great Colors To Choose From

The colorful iPhone XR comes in 5 different colors: white, black, blue, coral, and yellow. You can easily match your phone to your style or the color of your bag! Your smartphone is an extension of your style, so picking out a color that you like is great with many options to choose from.

6. iPhone XR Has An Extremely Powerful A12 Bionic chip

According to Apple’s claims, the A12 Bionic chip is 50% faster than the A11 chip in older models. It has a powerful six-core CPU and an eight-core GPU. Thanks to the A12 Bionic chip installed in the iPhone XR, you can get the most out of this device in terms of speed and overall capabilities.

7. iOS On The iPhone XR Is Super Easy To Use

The iOS operating system on the iPhone XR is very familiar and most people, both young and old, can understand how it works. Don’t worry about learning new gestures and tricks. Just grab your phone and start using it! 

8. iPhone XR Has A Great Battery Life

The rather unspoken, yet common issue of Apple devices is their battery life. One of the best features of the iPhone XR is its lasting battery life. The phone can last up to an hour longer than the iPhone 8 Plus. With an 1800 mAh battery capacity and neural engine, you can enjoy hands-free use of augmented reality apps for long periods.

9. You Can Unlock Your Phone With Face ID — It’s Convenient and Safe!

Apple’s Face ID technology enables you to unlock your phone at a glance. It uses the True Depth camera, designed to work even in low light conditions and when you’re wearing glasses or a hat. Face ID adds the benefit of high security on your iPhone 11, so there’s no need to worry about unauthorized people accessing your device.

10. iPhone XR Has A Bright And Colorful Display

Thanks to its advanced technology, the iPhone XR delivers a bright and colorful display. It features a wide color gamut for richer, more true-to-life colors, as well as True Tone, which automatically adjusts the white balance on the screen depending on your surrounding environment. And it’s a Liquid Retina HD Display so you can be sure that

Is It Worth Buying The iPhone XR ?

Absolutely. After taking a look at some of the stand-out features that come with purchasing an iPhone XR, you should have a better idea of what this impressive smartphone can do. If you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone or want a new Apple phone, then the iPhone XR is one of the top choices out there. Buying a refurbished iPhone XR will save you cash and you’ll be able to access all the amazing features you’d want out of a flagship smartphone.

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