The Best Replacement Parts for Your iPhone 4s

The Best Replacement Parts for Your iPhone 4s

Your phone sticks with you through thick and thin, but in the process might suffer from a little wear and tear. To keep your phone looking and working like new, high-quality Iphone 4s Parts from iDemiGods is the best way to rejuvenate your device without breaking the bank on pricey repairs or new phone costs.

Here are some of the many premium iPhone 4S products you can find:

iPhone 4S Rear Panel Back Cover Housing — Black

When the back cover housing of your iPhone is cracked or broken and beyond repair, it might be time to invest in a rear panel back cover housing. This repair piece includes the camera lens and light diffuser for the LED flash. With this multifaceted piece, there is no need to remove any components from the original panel to make the repair complete. This product works with all iPhone 4Ss and comes guaranteed with a 6-month warranty.

iPhone 4S Power On/Off Proximity Light Sensor Cable

If you’re unable to turn your phone on and off, your power button might be on the fritz. Replacing your phone’s on/off button is a simple solution that saves you both time and money on costly repair bills of a new replacement for your phone altogether. This light sensor cable contains the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and power cable, making for an easy and all-encompassing repair. When replacing the Power On/Off proximity light sensor and power cable, you will need to replace either your phone’s earpiece speaker or swap it with the old piece. This product works with all iPhone 4Ss and comes guaranteed with a 6-month warranty.

iPhone 4S Home Button Assembly

The center button of your iPhone is the epicenter for all the phone’s major functions. A broken or uncooperative home button can cause major issues with your phone use. A Home Button Assembly replaces your old home button, repairing and reactivating the button clicking action, allowing you to use your phone to its fullest capacity. The home button ribbon cable comes as a complete part equipped with the plastic home button, rubber gasket with adhesive, and the metal insert on the back of the home button. This product works for all iPhone 4Ss and comes with a 6-month product guarantee.

iPhone 4S Screen Protector Clear LCD Guard Film Cover

Keep your screen like new with a 4S Screen Protector with an LCD Guard Film Cover. This screen protector not only helps prevent your screen from cracking and scratching but also from dust, all while eliminating glare. The protective screen is extremely durable yet still has a high level of transparency, making it hard to tell if it is even there! The part is easy to install and attaches smoothly with its self-adhering surface, all while leaving no residue on your phone once it’s removed. The packaged comes with one screen protector for the iPhone, as well as a cleaning cloth to keep your screen protector looking like new. This product works for all iPhone 4Ss and comes with a 6-month warranty.

iPhone 4S Replacement OEM Battery

The speed at which your phone runs and the rate at which it charges is extremely important in order to make use of its daily functions. If you’re trying to use your phone, but the battery keeps dying an hour after it’s fully charged then your phone won’t be of much use to you. If you’re experiencing difficulty with your iPhone 4S, consider buying an iPhone 4S Replacement OEM Battery. Compatible with all iPhone 4S’s, the replacement battery features a dock connector and primary microphone and comes with a 6-month warranty.

Whether it’s turning your phone pink or protecting your screen, you can find all the best iPhone 4S parts for your phone and much, much more at iDemiGods. For more information on the products mentioned here, or to find more premium products for your other Apple devices, visit

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