The iPhone SE Fails to Expand Notifications in Lock Screen With Haptic Touch

The iPhone SE Fails to Expand Notifications in Lock Screen With Haptic Touch

The new iPhone 9 which is also called by the name of iPhone SE  had started shipping from last Friday. It has come to the experts’ notice that it does not carry a specific feature that exists across all other modern iPhones. Over here, people will not be able to bring forth any rich content either on the lock screen or on the notification shade through a lengthy press via Haptic Touch. Missing out on this kind of a common feature is extremely surprising but people have to get used to it.

Rich Content Is Still Visible

The users of the iPhone 9 can still manage to see rich content in the form of bigger images or buttons to archive emails without even opening up the app. They can do this simply by swiping the notifications in the lock screen to the left and then tap View. So, it is not that the functionality has completely gone away from the sight but people need to implement a new technique altogether. Even the Haptic Touch also works on all those notifications that come up right at the top of the screen when someone’s phone is unlocked. The phone’s inconsistent behavior is a different point compared with other iPhones that are available in the market. Moreover, if you are not used to the Haptic Touch, then it can well turn out to be quite inconvenient for you.

Reports Suggest That The Change Is Not A Bug

Several reports have cropped up, linked with the exclusion of this feature which suggests that the change is not a bug but it is working just how it is intended to do. The long presses in Haptic Touch or the hard presses in 3D Touch have been a manner in which notifications in iPhone are expanded.

This has been happening since the launch of the iPhone 6S back in the year 2015. To take things into perspective, the predecessor of iPhone SE which was iPhone 8, had 3D Touch on board but as of now, none of the present iPhones carry that feature.

Bigger iPhone SE Is On The Cards

The iPhone 9 or the iPhone SE, whatever you may call, was announced on 15th April 2020. It is the iPhone 8 as far as its design is concerned, having the same kind of build with aluminum and glass. It has already gained popularity as this is seen as an ideal replacement for all those people who have been wishing to get a brand new Home Button in an iPhone to take the place of an old model.

Now, rumors suggest that there could be a larger iPhone SE on the cards. If it indeed turns out to be true, then people would be able to enjoy a whole lot of your favorite movies by downloading the amazon prime iPhone app along with other exciting apps.

Thus, there is plenty for people to look forward to as and when this new iPhone hits the markets across the world.

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