Iphone X1 Camera Reviews

Iphone X1 Camera Reviews


iPhone X1 “three minutes” fire, but camera phones more than Apple X.

The past two days a very small video on the Internet fire, that is directed by director Peter Chan “three minutes”, this three-minute video full shot by the iPhone X1, not only people will think that the original cell phone can shoot large feel.

But if you really think so, it may be wrong, after all, director Chen Kevin filming this video, in addition to iPhone X1, also used a lot of other equipment.

For example, from some of the behind-the-scenes photos of this video, we can see that the iPhone X1 camera is fixed to a hand-held stand which is very professional mobile phone photographic equipment that not only makes your shots more stable, You can even fix the SLR lens on it and turn your phone into a professional camera.

So we do not have to worry that they cannot shoot such a good video, after all, in addition to the iPhone X1 price in Pakistan.

But on the other hand, the screen is still really playing the real cell phone shot, there is no powerful camera, and no matter how good the professional equipment is Joker, so if you also want to experience the fun of cell phone filming, to see in addition to the iPhone X1 What are the powerful camera phone it.

Huawei Mate10

Huawei Mate10 equipped with a new generation of dual Lycra, aperture size to f / 1.6, is basically the largest aperture of the camera lens. At the same time it also has optical image stabilization feature, which for general users do not have a dedicated handheld device, can make your screen more stable.

In addition, Huawei Mate 10 under the blessing of AI recognition at night, the night scene exposure has been optimized to maximize the light to keep the exposure. Known as comparable SLR, Huawei Mate10 dare to play this slogan, indicating their confidence in camera performance.

A heterogeneous domestic mobile phone, although the reputation is not significant, the camera strength has been much attention. The Nubian Z17S is a four-camera front and rear dual camera, especially the rear dual 12 million pixel camera with full pixel dual-core focus, fast focus, F1.8 large aperture, support for 3D smart noise reduction.

It can be said that in hardware, Nubian Z17S almost done this top generation flagship mobile phone, imaging quality is also very good.

Samsung Note8

Samsung Note8 As the first Samsung dual-camera design of the flagship model itself makes it very much looking forward to its imaging capabilities, coupled with the strength of foreign professional institutions to take pictures of its super-high, it can be said that Samsung Note8 no reason to lose Any other phone.

In hardware, the Samsung Note8 equipped with an 8-megapixel front camera, rear 12 million-pixel wide-angle + telephoto dual camera, large pixel, large aperture with dual OIS optical image stabilization, full pixel dual-core focus, single-pixel up to 1.4 μm, equipped with F / 1.7 aperture.

It can be said that the Samsung Note8 in the sensor size, aperture, focus, anti-shake, etc., has almost achieved the current smartphone can do the best. Such phone camera strength is also questioning it?

Millet 6

The same is a double photo, millet 6 and Apple’s dual 12-megapixel wide-angle + telephoto dual camera program, wide-angle lens part of the single pixel size of 1.25μm, lens aperture f / 1.8; telephoto lens part of the single-pixel size of 1.0 μm, the lens aperture of f / 2.6.

And millet 6 dual cameras works also with the iPhone 7 Plus is similar to the wide-angle camera as the main camera to use, when switched to 2 × optical zoom, the light conditions will be determined by testing whether to start the telephoto camera, only in low light conditions, The larger sensor wide angle camera will be called.

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