Is iPhone Secure and Virus Free?

Is iPhone Secure and Virus Free?

We often hear the news for mobile phones getting attacked by viruses. Even the most expensive phones are sometimes subjected to malware like Samsung mobile prices are too high but they still catch these threats and all the data is gone.

Well, unlike other phones, iPhones users don’t need to worry about any viruses because iPhones are usually more secure and virus free as compared to others. Despite the fact there is a strong perception about Android being insecure, the likelihood of iPhones catching up viruses is quite low at present. The minor bugs that may arise are likely because you have downloaded or running an app that is either already buggy, outdated or needs to be deleted.

Why iPhone is Secure and Virus free?

The reason behind this fact is the design of iOS architecture. It has been designed in a way that every app runs independently in its own allotted virtual space without interacting with each other or interrupting with each other’s functions. Still, apps do interact with each other but in a very restricted way and amount. But susceptibilities exist that can be exploited by muggers. However, through this strategy, Apple has reduced the risk of iPhones being caught by viruses to a very great extent.

Besides this, Apple is also famous for restricting its users from having as many choices and customization as its competitors offer, but this restriction is also one of the grounds that make iPhones secure. These restrictions also make it safe in a way that cybercriminals and attackers are not likely to go for the paths that are of high resistance and are difficult to hack. After all, a low hanging fruit first, hence the Android.

Moreover, Apples’s walled garden approach does not allow all the apps in iPhones. Only the apps that are available on the App Store can be downloaded. Not only this, before the installation begins you are also required to enter your Apple ID and password. In addition, if you are probable to unintentionally download anything that may bring in an uninvited malware to your phone, you are intimated by the pop-up so that you are aware of the fact that this may harm your iPhone.

Apple also requires third-party apps to be specifically approved by their own experts and App Store protectors. This also effectively prevents any virus to harm the iPhone.

What’s your role?

As we all know that vulnerabilities do exist and precaution is better than cure we must play a little role in keeping our iPhone secure and virus free. iPhones being more restrictive and less fertile in terms of viral attacks, there are very minimal chances of it being caught by any of these attacks. So you must also ensure to play safe and for the same, you must take a few very basic and easy steps to make your iPhone a safe and happy place for you.

Don’t go beyond the boundaries of App Store

Only go for the apps that are available on the official Apple App Store. Just don’t download apps from any other sources no matter how trustworthy you think they are.

Do not jailbreak your phone

So many people out there promote jailbreaking your iPhone so that you can customize your phone and enjoy fancy apps and interface. But a big no for that. Especially, for iPhones. Apple has designed iOS with great efforts to secure iPhone with all the viruses but if your iPhone is jailbroken then the chances of a viral attack are quite increased. The lure of jailbreaking is strong, but security is important.

Set a strong password on your phone

Set strong security code and make sure that you have been asked for a password before every download.

Apple authorized anti-virus

Antivirus software is a core part of security and its better safe than sorry. Therefore,  install trusted anti-virus software on your iPhone on a permanent basis to kill the unknown bugs and viruses that come uninvited along with some apps.

Respond to the updates promptly

Make sure to keep your iPhone and all the apps in it to be updated on a very timely basis.

Since iOS is a closed ecosystem, therefore, it does not allow unwanted guests to come and share the space in its vicinity. You can also only download apps from the App Store that are thoroughly checked and certified by Apple. Yet again, it just does not mean that your iPhone will remain secure for the rest of life. So keep an eye on each and every activity and make sure the security standards that are built in your iPhone remains maintained.

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