Switching to iPhone X? Here is what you need to know

Switching to iPhone X? Here is what you need to know

IPhone X is out and everyone is talking about the new release from Apple. Many people have been looking to know its features and some of the things that are different compared to the previous series of the phone. If you are yet to acquire one or place your order on the $1,000 gadget, here are things you might want to know about the iPhone X.

All-glass design

One of the features that make the iPhone X unique is the all-glass design adopted by Apple for this model. This means it will come with glass on both the front and back, and you might be wondering if the glass might break but according to Apple this is the most durable glass ever used on a smartphone, so it’s not the brittle kind of glass you see on many smartphones.

Edge-to-edge display

Another fact you will learn about the iPhone is that its front is entirely a screen. The display spans across the full face of the device, the only exception being some small section that gives room for the front camera. The screen is 5.8 inches diagonally.

No home button

Users of iPhone are used to the home button but this has changed with the iPhone X. No home button as the screen is getting full. What users will need to do is swipe up or toggle between apps whenever they need to return home. It looks more de-cluttered and you are able to access various features in just a single snap.

Face ID

Many Apple devices allow the user to unlock using finger print security, but the iPhone X comes with something different; a security feature where you will need to scan and recognize your face to open the phone. The company says this is the ultimate way through which users can get maximum security and protection of their sensitive information.


Sounds familiar, right? However, this is no typo as it’s a fact iPhone X comes with the animoji collection that will light up your chats. You can now send an animated bear or panda while messaging. It is a unique feature that has not been adopted by other companies.

Longer battery life

According to Apple, the iPhone X comes with a battery duration of 2 more hours compared to iPhone 7. This is good news for those who like adventures and might not get the time to keep recharging their phones.

Wireless charging

Forget about wires and jump into a whole new world of technology where you only need to place your phone on the charging pad. The iPhone X comes with a wireless charging system that is based on the Qi wireless charging technology.

The X is silent

Hey! Before you leave, I have to remind you that the X is silent and in fact, we don’t say it as a letter. The right pronunciation is iPhone 10. X is taken from the roman numbering system and Apple has always been clever in naming, so get this right.

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