Tips for UX/UI design for iPhone App Development

Tips for UX/UI design for iPhone App Development

The iPhone app development industry has gained a prominent recognition in the app market. It is a profitable field for all the iPhone app developers. The developers are really active in the development of iOS applications and are introducing applications at a progressive rate. The current app count in the Apple’s app store is over 3 million apps.

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There are many applications that are released every day in the app store but not all application becomes successful. In this virtual sea of apps, it is hard to get noticed by the users. The competition is tough and to stay in the competition and win, you need something that will make your app stand out. The only way that you can make it happen is by adding aesthetic design to your application, hence adding UX/UI design to your application.

What is UX/UI design?

The UX/UI design is a vital part of your application. The design of your application can be the deciding factor that if your application is going to be successful or not. The UX/UI design stands for User Experience and User Interface respectively. UX design will determine how the user will feel after using your app. While UI design is the total layout of your application that includes the buttons on the screen, content alignment, etc. Both UX and UI design are really important hence it is a wise decision to include it in your application.

UX/UI design is widely used by all developers to ensure an attractive application. Many companies of iPhone App Development in India, UK, and the USA which has some of the best outsourcing companies include UX/UI design in the application they develop. Here are some tips for UX/UI design that will help you develop an efficient iPhone mobile application.

Use appropriate content layout

The content is an important medium of information exchange in an application. A good typography is the sign of a good iPhone application. The line spacing is also an important factor to have an appropriate content layout. The font size must also be taken care of if you want your content layout to be organized. And make sure to use the San Francisco font for your iOS application, which was developed by Apple Inc. Many times there are images that need to be set with the content, so you should make sure the image and the content are aligned properly.

Organize the layout with proper UI Kit

The UI kit of iOS offers UI elements such as Bars, content view, controls, and temporary view. The UI Kit helps the application to determine the element position on the screen and the users touch accurately hence avoiding any accidental touch. This is a great toolkit to include in the application for a superior UI design. Other features that this toolkit offers are the animation support, document support, drawing/printing, etc.

Make your app mobile responsive

The screen resolution differs as per different devices. Make sure your application is responsive to different screen sizes and especially with the new model of iPhone – iPhone X. The display of iPhone X is unique so it is important that your application is visually compatible with it and all Apple devices. Your application must also be responsive when the user changes the view to landscape or portrait mode. All the elements must also align appropriately when in different view mode such as the tab, buttons, controls, etc.

Use standard control gestures

There are many in-built gestures that Apple devices offer and these gestures are standard gestures. There are many other custom gestures that are introduced by the development companies. These custom gestures are fine for any gaming apps but it is not wise to use it often. The users are used to a standard gesture that is typically used in Apple applications. Try to use familiar gesture for a great user experience and interface.

Use high-resolution pictures

It is extremely important to use high-resolution pictures that are always at the intended ratio. If the images in your app are blurry the app would come out as a bloatware or a spam application to the users. If you are using images for the icons and images, make sure that the image you use is in the PNG format. Make sure the images are lucid and precise according to your application design. The image you use should also complement the color scheme that you have chosen for your app.

An innovative idea is something that includes institutional ideas and a diverse way of showcasing it so it looks appealing. These are the tips that you should consider while designing your iPhone application. These tips will not only help you stand out in the market but will also provide a perfectly functional application too.

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