15 Smart Kitchen Tricks that Will Keep it Looking Like New

15 Smart Kitchen Tricks that Will Keep it Looking Like New

We don’t only cook in our kitchens, we also entertain guests, hold family gatherings, and simply hang out there. By improving the organization and functioning of your kitchen, you can make it feel more open, neat, and attractive while still meeting your needs. Here are the 15 kitchen design suggestions and strategies that we advise you to consider.

Storage to the utmost

There is often empty space in kitchens since they are not typically laid out in a straight line. With bespoke storage, you can make the most of corner cabinets and other underutilized spaces. An angled pullout spice rack, for example, fits an inconvenient position adjacent to the stove in certain kitchens. Try to make advantage of every nook and cranny, you should have no issue filling them.

Existing appliances should be replaced

It’s both pennywise and dollar stupid to believe that retaining current appliances would save you money on your makeover. There are two basic arguments in favor of purchasing new appliances. For starters, outdated appliances will stand out like a sore thumb when paired with new worktops, cabinets, hardware, and so on. Existing appliances will seldom, if ever, match the new look you intend to achieve.

Second, today’s appliances are more technologically advanced, energy-efficient, and come with features and perks that make meal preparation easier and more fun. This is why you should keep your appliances up to date at all times. Cheap oven repairs, on the other hand, are well worth the money, especially if the problem is minor.

Refresh the backsplash

When you cook, the backsplash is the area of your kitchen wall behind your countertops and stove that gets battered. It gets filthy frequently, and even if you clean it thoroughly, it will ultimately begin to seem worn or stained. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on pricey tiles to refresh your backsplash. Consider utilizing a coat of waterproof paint, contact paper, or tiling kits from a home improvement store. This may refresh and renew the look of your entire kitchen.

Choose cabinets that reach to the ceiling

Cabinets that go to the ceiling are a fantastic choice for any kitchen, but they’re especially effective in smaller spaces. Cabinets that rise to the ceiling lead the attention upward, giving the impression of a much bigger area than it is.

Additionally, ceiling-high cabinets give additional storage space for cookware, small appliances, serving dishes, and other infrequently used things.

Organize your kitchen better

One of the keys to building a great kitchen is to include in your storage needs and aspirations early on in the design process. A storage strategy will take into account how frequently you cook, entertain, and host parties.

A fantastic kitchen must not only be visually stunning, but also have the finest utility possible to satisfy your demands. Cookware, food, utensils, countertop gadgets (blenders, mixers, etc.), recycling bins, and so on may all be stored in a variety of ways.

Deep drawers can be made more spacious by specifying two-tiered drawers. A top drawer may be used for cutlery, a second drawer can be used for dishes, and a third drawer can be used for pots and pans. These drawers inside drawers slide separately, with the top-drawer containing the most often used things.

Put Everything in its Place

Create a system for each of your kitchen tools by using drawer organizers. Their distinct divisions will motivate you to return everything to its proper place after each usage. You can find online many innovative built-in drawer organizer provides customized storage for steak knives and seasonings.

Replace handles and knobs

Consider changing your cabinet handles and drawer knobs in addition to painting your cabinets and drawers. Most handles and knobs may be removed by simply unscrewing them. Knobs are generally available in large quantities at hardware and home goods stores. Bring one of the old knobs to the store to ensure that the new ones will fit in the existing holes.

Small appliances should be hidden

When you go into a kitchen, you want to make a good first impression, so keep those counters clear. While you don’t have rows of appliances on the countertop, it makes a significant difference, and it also frees up space for prep work when cooking or baking. Consider appliance garages, which are storage cabinets with roll-up fronts that close like a garage door.

Garbage should be organized

The ideal approach to deal with waste is to have a separate pullout drawer for garbage, recycling, and compost. Setting up a waste center with many smaller bins is an effective method to do the right thing for the environment. If your compost begins to stink, for example, you can just take that bin outdoors instead of lugging a huge rubbish can that may or may not be full.

To differentiate each bin, use different colors or put the function of each bin on the top of its lid.

Consider Thinking outside the Box

Aside from the obvious top and lower cabinets, consider using most of your wall for additional daily storage. For convenient access, hang them from hooks, baskets, or floating shelves. This kitchen storage option also allows you to highlight beautiful tilework or bricks that would otherwise be hidden under bulky cabinets.

Floors should be refinished or cleaned

To make your kitchen feel brand new, refinish your existing floorboards. While vinyl floors only require cleaning, wood floors may be given a fresh coat of finish to make them seem gleaming and pristine. Cleaning the tile grout in your tile kitchen flooring using a combination of equal parts dish soap and vinegar and scraping with a toothbrush is another option.

Create a sense of continuity

Kitchens are more visible from the rest of the living space as open floor designs grow more common. While the above mentioned remedies can assist you in keeping your kitchen cleaner and more organized, there are still those bulky huge appliances to consider. Many appliances currently come with the option of an integrated panel, albeit it will cost you extra. Using panels to conceal your appliances will produce a consistent, clean aesthetic across your area without disrupting the visual flow.

Allow the light to shine

In the kitchen, excellent sunlight is required for cooking and cleaning. While natural light is always welcome, installing undercabinet lights will make it easier to find what you’re looking for, especially at night. LED light strips can also be purchased and installed on the interior of cabinets and drawers.

Make a Workplace

There are several benefits to incorporating a separate office space into your kitchen. It’s the perfect place to jot down a recipe, pay payments, or leave a note for the family. Because of the ready access to food, many children choose to do their schoolwork in the kitchen. Whatever the reason, having a small kitchen area with a chair, a flat table, and storage is sure to be quite useful.

Adjust to your Needs

Try to tailor it to your specific requirements. Place commonly used things close to one another in easy-to-reach places. Because you won’t have to spend all of your time and energy running around, this will improve the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen.

Remember that not everyone uses their kitchens in the same manner, so talk with your designer and discuss how you want your room to function for you.

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