5 Smart Tips to Maintain And Repair your Slow Juicer

5 Smart Tips to Maintain And Repair your Slow Juicer

Maintaining any product can get difficult after a point of time. It is really important to clean up the daily use of products and devices, especially kitchen products. Keeping your kitchen juicer to uncleaned can lead it to get slow and slow juicers really slow down your daily work in the kitchen. Most people hate the cleaning part in a juicer as there are a lot of hindrances in cleaning a juicer and this makes it a dreary work. Slow juicers give more juice and better juice but also require a lot of cleaning and maintenance for them to work efficiently for a long time. Slow juicers are slow because they make use of pressure to get used through the filter.

Some of the tips on maintaining your slow juicers are: –

1. Avoid these items

As the slow juicers use the pressure technique to take out the juice, it becomes difficult for the juicer to press juices out of hard fruits and vegetables. Some of the food items that you are not supposed to put in the slow juicers are Broccoli, avocados, whole apples, coconut, kale, pears, and any other whole and hard fruits that have the capacity to get stuck and requires your slow juicers to put in more pressure than it can.

2. Clean the parts regularly

The best way to maintain them is to keep it clean on a regular basis. Some people tend to leave the juicer stained or with the fruit pulp and mesh on it when they are running late. This can lead to the metal parts catching up rust and this makes the juicer not last long.

3. Keeping the parts clean is very important,

some tips on cleaning are; One of the simple tips to clean the juicers is soaking the juicer parts in vinegar and water solution overnight. Then you have to put some olive oil on the cloth and wipe it and you may experience that all the tough stains are removed. Another cleaning tip is to disassemble the juicer parts and soak the parts overnight in a solution of cascade liquid detergents and a gallon of water and later scrub it to remove the stains.

4. Keep it dry

Keeping the parts of the juicer dry is as important as keeping them clean. The metal parts tend to get corrode and hence soaking them in water or even keeping them wet may lead to the durability of the juicer fall short. Also, most of the juicers contain a motor in them and so keeping it underwater or spraying water on it may cause the motor to get damaged and this is not good for the long run.

5. Keep the sharp things away

Do not rub the juicer with sharp tools while cleaning it could scratch the surface and this can make the process of cleansing the juicer more difficult. The plastic parts are at a higher risk to the sharp objects and the scratches can make the juicer’s appearance shabby and also make damage the important parts.

Like any other household device, the slow juicers should not only be considered of the juicing part but the shoppers should also consider the cleaning and the maintenance part. Convenience minded customers should keep an eye out for the removable and other parts of the juicers.

The juicers are also very expensive and so maintain them is more than just a task, if you plan on not cleaning and maintain or repair your juicers from time to time then the juicers may stop working. Buying these expensive devices is not very affordable and also may out of budget for most of the middle-class families.

Slow juicers are the best to use in hot and humid climate conditions. They are very affordable and the best to use for the climatic conditions there.

There are also many companies that offer a really good range of slow juicers and them also very cost-effective and allows the users to choose among the preferences and interests.

These very some of the tips to maintain and clean your juicer to make them last longer.

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