5 Things Professional Chefs do in the kitchen

5 Things Professional Chefs do in the kitchen

We all love to eat delicious and scrumptious food every day and for that purpose, we often head out to eat at some of the best restaurants in town. All the delicious food that we are able to eat either at our homes or at a restaurant are basically due to the chef that makes it’s possible for us.  This is why chefs are important as they feed you with the best food that you want, be it your own place or any particular restaurant.

Professional Chefs Kitchen

One thing that we often don’t end up talking about is the skills and techniques that a professional chef possesses. Whilst becoming a professional chef, there are hundreds of skill set that you have to learn and practice in order to perfect the dishes that you prepare. It is not an easy task and there are a few essential things that every chef needs to have or needs to do. We will talk about some of the professional things that a chef needs to do in the kitchen.

Have Sharp Knives

One of the main tools that a chef has is a knife and it needs to be ensured that the knife that is being used is really sharp. The main reason for using a sharp knife is that it helps you to work faster. Whether you are cutting a loaf of meat or slicing bread, a sharp knife will work quickly and you won’t have to apply a lot of force as well.

There are usually different kinds of knives that are available in the chef’s kitchen with every knife having a different purpose altogether. Thus all these knives need to be sharp so that the work of a chef doesn’t stop for a second. The chefs have a pocket knife as a backup plan where they use this pocket knife if they don’t get any sharp knives in the kitchen.

Keep the Knives Out of the Dishwasher

Knives are one of those things in a kitchen that can cause serious damage to anyone’s body. And with a chef’s knife being extra sharp, one has to be careful while using it. Another thing is that the knives that the chef is using are really delicate and extra cares need to be taken for them. This is why it is advised that the knives should never be put in the dishwasher as it will ruin them.

You can put the other entire expense cutlery in the dishwasher apart from the knives. The knives need to be hand washed only. Another key thing to note here is that once you have washed the knife you need to dry it down immediately. The main reason for drying out the knife is that the knives can get rusty and dull if they are not dried down. So in order to avoid this situation, one has to dry down the knives quickly.

Taste and Add Salt In Your Food While Cooking

One of the most important thing for a chef to do is to taste the food while it’s being cooked. The major reason for doing this is that you can get to know about the taste beforehand and if there are any changes that need to be done, you can do that before time so that the dish cooked has the exact same taste that a person wants.

This is also why it is always recommended that chefs should always put in salt while they are cooking the food. If you add salt to your food at the end then the salt will only sit on the top of your dish. But if you add salt while cooking, it will go down in the dish and give the aroma and taste that everyone is expecting. Hence it is always advised that one should taste, season, and taste again to avoid any mishaps.

Clean Work Space

No matter if you are a chef or a software engineer or a marketing manager, every person in the world likes a clean workspace. This thing goes correct for the chefs as well though it can get difficult for them to clean up the workspace, they have to do it. One thing that chefs do is that they clean the workspace while they are cooking.

This way they don’t pile up a lot of trash and cleaning also becomes easier for them. Cleaning towards the end of cooking a dish can become a nuisance for many and people may start avoiding it towards the end. Hence, cleaning the workspace while you are working is the best thing to do.

Have a Bowl for Scraps

Another important thing that needs to be present in a chef’s kitchen is a scrap bowl. This scrap bowl functions as a dumb bowl that you can place right next to your cutting board. This way you will be able to work quickly and efficiently and will also reduce the mess in the kitchen.

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