6 Air Fryer Tips Every Air Fryer Owner Should Know

6 Air Fryer Tips Every Air Fryer Owner Should Know

Air fryers are getting popular these days because of their promise of using much less oil for frying leading to a perception of healthier food while still being crispy and tasting just as good. Another advantage of air fryers is that they are faster than regular convection ovens. And who doesn’t want fast? They almost cost similar to the convection ovens. But air frying should not be compared to regular frying and be considered a different way of cooking altogether because they use processes of both frying and convection ovens simultaneously. Here are a few tips and tricks to make better food out of your Philips air fryer so it tastes as you want it to and your family does not start doubting your cooking skills:

  • Don’t fill the basket too much: You have to put only as much stuff that properly allows the hot air to flow around your food. If an area of the food is not in contact with the hot air, it will remain uncooked. To avoid uneven cooking when you have more food, fry it in batches and don’t hurry it.
  • Preheating: This helps to get a predictable estimate of how much it’s going to take for your food to complete. If you put food directly in the fryer without preheating, it doesn’t do anything for the first few seconds. And here you are thinking it’s working hard!! The heater coil takes a little time to heat up properly, and until it heats up, the air circulating inside will remain cold.
  • Not all foods require oil: There are a lot of foods that require oil to be applied to get that crisp and dry texture outside, but not all foods require oil. Foods like chicken and other meat already have enough fat in them. Any extra oil might not be required. However, veggies and bread require a little oil. You just need to find out which options work the best for you.
  • To avoid smoke: Many foods that are greasy release smoke upon frying. To avoid this, just pour a little water under the basket. You can put anything moist that will absorb the smoke.
  • Take caution of light stuff flying away: Air fryer has quite a strong blow of air that’s enough to blow away food that is not very heavy, like small pieces of bread or any cheese on top. You can improvise and use some toothpicks to hold the food in the place. You can also use a metal grill on top but it has to allow the flow of air properly./p>
  • Clean it regularly: The grease dripping from your food tends to dry up and stick to the bottom of the basket. And if you don’t want your fries to smell like burnt meat from last week, take time to gently clean the grease out of the bucket and from the bottom of the outer container in regular intervals.

We think that air frying technology has enough differences in their way of cooking than frying. Therefore, it should be considered as an entirely separate process and ways of regular frying, or convection ovens, should not be directly applied to air frying. If you want to cook great food and maintain your device, follow the tips we mentioned. And remember, as you keep using the device, you will come up with your methods that suit your style of cooking. If you are looking to buy an air fryer costs start from RM 200 and Philips air fryer sells at prices starting from around RM 500. So get your air fryer and start cooking crispy and tasty food that everyone will love and can enjoy without health worries.

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