7 Key Tips for Designing Out New Kitchen Cabinets

7 Key Tips for Designing Out New Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is generally considered to be the heart of the home. Therefore, one needs to carefully plan while designing or renovating a new kitchen. You also need to ensure that while the kitchen is beautiful to look at, it should also be highly functional. It can be one of the most overwhelming decisions to choose the correct cabinets for your kitchen as they are one of the most important investments in the kitchen.

If you are designing a kitchen for the first time, you are sure to need a lot of tips on how to renovate the kitchen cabinets properly. Below we have compiled a list of kitchen cabinet ideas that you can follow to design your new kitchen.

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1. Ensure a Functional Cabinet and Door Combo

In most of the Indian kitchens, one can find base cabinets as well as wall cabinets. These cabinets come along with doors and do not have open shelves or drawers. In most of the cases, people use upper cabinets for selective display, and the base cabinets are used to hold heavy storage items such as pans, pots as well as other dishware items. While making the kitchen cabinet design, keep in mind that such items might not look good on open or visible shelves.
The pull-out drawer option is a popular feature for the base cabinets. Today, modern kitchens are removing upper cabinets completely which favors an open and cleaner space in the kitchen and ensures functional kitchen cabinets.

2. Utilize the Space Properly

The space in a kitchen needs to be properly utilized, especially if you have a small kitchen. The kitchen cabinets need to be designed such that you can store several things in the kitchen and still make it look beautiful. The construction and style of the cabinet doors play an important role in this regard. Most of the traditional kitchens have framed cabinets that have a front frame at the opening. In a European-style kitchen, there is generally no front frame which gives open access to the interior of the cabinets.

Making proper space for different items, such as dishware, knives, boxes as well as trash ensures that you save on space while keeping everything in the kitchen organized. This also helps in finding out items in the kitchen immediately when you need them.

3. Choose the Material and Size Wisely

The material with which the kitchen cabinets are made as well the size of the kitchen cabinet is another point to be considered while designing a new kitchen. Many people think that having an unusual wall-size means that you need to have custom cabinets. This can turn out to be an expensive and time-consuming option as such a look can also be achieved with the help of semi-custom or stock cabinets.
In the case of semi-custom cabinets, the size of the cabinet is made according to the customer’s requirements in predetermined incremental. Stock cabinets can be purchased from predetermined styles from the rack directly. Determine the quality of the material as most of the time they are not made from solid wood. The material should be of high-quality, sturdy and long-lasting.

4. Do not forget about the Lighting

Whether you are going a renovation are designing a new kitchen altogether, lighting is something that can enhance the look of any space. One such idea that is becoming increasingly popular in this regard is integrated lighting. This can vary from a basic under-the-cabinet LED lights to the fixtures that light when you open the drawer. Such lights can be purchased online or at a local hardware store. They are also very easy to install.

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5. Make sure that the Pantry Cabinets have to Pull Out Shelves

Having a pantry can be one of the biggest luxuries in the kitchens. This is because Indians kitchen cabinets that have fixed shelves can turn out to be a pain if you can not see the things at the back of the shelf. Pantry cabinets with pull-out shelves are quite useful in this regard as they keep everything organized. You can easily sort out different items in the kitchen and assign a dedicated space for things such as spices, cooking oils, etc.

6. Keep Trash and Knives Near the Sink

It is a good idea to hang the knives on a magnetic strip near the sink. This not only makes it easy for you to spot the right knife instantly but also keeps the knives away from the reach of children. They are also easy to hang and dry when you wash them in the sink after using them. Make a dedicated area for the knives near the sink.
Besides knives, it is also advisable to keep the trash below or near the sink. This ensures that you can immediately dispose of any garbage when you clean the utensils. You can make a small cabinet below the sink to ensure that the trash is not there in plain view. This also ensures that any foul smell from the trash bin does not circulate in the whole kitchen.

7. Include Corner Drawers

The corners of a kitchen generally go unused. Making simple drawers at each corner ensures that the kitchen corners are utilized and at the same time makes enough space for lesser-used kitchen items. Kitchen corners, instead of being dead spaces, can turn out to be quite useful and functional. In case you are not sure how to utilize them properly, you can take the help of a professional to provide you with the best kitchen layout that ensures your corners are also used.


The above were some ideas and tips to help you get started as you work on your kitchen cabinets India. It is important that you put a lot of research and thought into the kitchen cabinets as they are an expensive investment. You can also consider the help of a professional or an experienced designer to make your kitchen design functional, customizable and eco-friendly.

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