American Style In The Kitchen

American Style In The Kitchen

How every month I approach you to the design of kitchens by the Kitchen. Always functional and comfortable, designed in detail to facilitate work and family sharing, the kitchens that I want to talk about today have a very particular style: the American style. The inspiration in American kitchens, marks a lot my reforms and projects, with large areas and work surfaces, a blunt central island and, something indispensable in this type of spaces, an office. With certain retro or industrial accents, and trying to gain in light, these types of kitchens are an example of practicality.

Design an American-style kitchen, it can be rustic, modern, more classic or more elegant. In the United States it is unthinkable that a kitchen does not include a dining room, even some have a seating area. This space is called the family room and I love it because around it the family congregates to share evenings.

As the way of life has changed a lot in recent decades, the role of cooking in the house has changed radically, gaining a greater role. And that new spirit that has entered the world of kitchens is ideally expressed by the philosophy of American kitchens, which make it open to the rest of the house giving it all the prominence it deserves.

The kitchen is a room where you work hard to bake, cook, wash, etc. This is why furniture and surfaces, cabinets and functional appliances are used. As in any other kitchen style, natural materials predominate being wood the protagonist in any of its finishes, as well as granite countertops, marble … The nuanced lighting of an American kitchen is achieved with the help of hanging lamps. But make no mistake because American kitchens do not have to have large dimensions, they can be located in small spaces.

In traditional American kitchens, curtains are almost always dispensed with to allow you to enjoy the views. Shelves and shelves placed in an apparently casual way in warm or striking colors are used to place spices or small appliances, old pots, pans, wooden spoons or iron or copper ladles and can be hung over the kitchen island or distributed on the walls .

 The openness of this type of kitchens makes it a part of the living room and vice versa, making it a more meeting place to talk, eat or enjoy the family. Also, even if the rest of the family is not in the kitchen, they still share the same space. With these kitchens open, preparing dinner is no longer isolated. These kitchens are widely used in small houses because by eliminating the visual barriers that make up the walls, the house gains in breadth and lighting. This type of open kitchen offers versatility of styles.

It is true that these appeared especially in the last two decades and that are usually associated with modern or even loft style, but American kitchens have a place in other styles such as classic, rustic, colonial or even minimalist

The prominence of American kitchens in recent years is not a matter of fashion. Each and every one of the advantages that open kitchens have, have earned them in their own right that space they currently occupy. And do not hesitate if you want to get your ideal kitchen to contact us and the team of  Kitchens, which will make your space, the ideal design you dream of.

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