Assessing your Kitchen for Proper Transformation

Assessing your Kitchen for Proper Transformation

Transforming a kitchen from old to new is not a simple task. The key to success lies in step-by-step planning, rather than trial and error. Even if you only have the time and budget for changing one feature, that change can be part of a larger plan.

Perhaps you just want to replace appliances in an older home. That would update your kitchen, but you would not be remodeling it. If you really want a kitchen that suits your lifestyle, a kitchen that fits your patterns of socializing, of entertaining, of meeting the needs and tastes of your family, then replacing appliances is not enough.

So the first step is not to rush out and buy new kitchen appliances to replace the old ones. The first step is to sit down with other members of the household and ask questions. The answers you write down will outline your needs. Once you know your needs, you can evaluate how well your present kitchen meets them.

Assessing your Kitchen for Proper Transformation


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If a sizable discrepancy exists between your needs and your present kitchen’s ability to meet those needs, you know that the time has come to consider remodeling your kitchen

The numbers after each question indicate how satisfactory you find the various elements of your kitchen. Circle the number indicating your degree of satisfaction, from number 1 for very poor to number 6 for very good. Then tally up the total of all circled numbers and check the scale below.

Storage space.


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Is there enough storage space and is it easily accessible? Do you need a stepladder? der or stool to reach shelves? Do you often have to walk across the room for items not stored in the right place?




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Is there enough counter space for preparing food and for cleanup chores? Up-to-date appliances. How many more years can you count on your present appliances?

If new ones are in the budget and schedule, be sure to find the most energy-efficient appliances, otherwise, operation cost may exceed the original price. Are you considering adding appliances, like a microwave oven or trash compactor?




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Does your range have a hood vented to the outside? If you have a separate wall oven, is it vented to the outside? Is venting powerful enough to prevent grease deposits on walls and cabinets?




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Do you have both general illumination and task lighting on counters? Can you see easily into drawers? Can you work without being in your own shadow?




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Is the work triangle efficient? By the work triangle, we mean the distance between the sink, refrigerator and range-the three main features of the kitchen.

Many designers as well as home improvement with tool experts recommend that the total distance from the front center of your sink to your refrigerator than to your cooktop be at least 12 feet but not more than 22 feet.




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Does the oven door or the refrigerator door open across the entry door so that traffic is blocked? Does the refrigerator door open away from the action instead of toward it?


Subjective factors

Are you satisfied with the color in your kitchen? Is it large enough? Too large? Is the general look dingy or depressing? Is it closed off from the rest of the house? Do you like the cabinet style? Do you have the modern features you would like?


Your Kitchen Score- Add and Total Here

  • 8-16: You are working under a severe handicap. Your kitchen is seriously inadequate.
  • 17-24 Your kitchen has many shortcomings that could be improved
  • 25-32: Although you’re not in bad shape, you still would benefit from a remodeling of your kitchen.
  • 33-40: Your problems are rather specific, Kitchen Remodeling Made Easy can help you isolate and correct them.
  • 41-48: You are the exception. Give this book to someone who needs it.

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