Check Out The Top 5 Gas Geyser In India For Best Buying Experience

Check Out The Top 5 Gas Geyser In India For Best Buying Experience

As the winter is coming; all the households of India are gearing up for the hot water geyser so that they can enjoy a hot water bath throughout the chilly season. In case, you are planning to buy the Gas Geyser, then you may be spoilt with the choices. As most of the eminent companies like Bajaj, Crompton, Hindware, Havels have come up with different ranges of gas water heater with various functionalities, capacity, and capacities in the Indian market.

You will be glad to know that you are not alone as several other people are facing the same confusion. There are many customers who don’t know the basic differences and unable to make the right purchase decision for the Gas Geyser. There are many factors like the place to install it, budget and requirement of the amount and frequency of water and many more that must be considered in time to buy the heater.

If you don’t have much experience with the gas water heater, then you must know about the technology of heating first. It uses the flames of the fuels; usually from any natural gas or LPG to heat up the water inside the water tank. It is more efficient than the electric heater as it can save your electricity bill as well. Moreover, you need less maintenance to keep the geyser running for years.

If you are looking for the gas geyser, that will save your money, match your requirement and finally works efficiently with less maintenance, then check out this list of top 5 gas geysers in which you can select yours.

Hindware Atlantic Ignacio Plus Gas Geyser:

If you are looking for a Gas Geyser that works on both LPG and PNG, then this is the best choice for you. The elegant and classic style will beautify your bathroom for sure. Moreover, in case you have low pressure of water in your area, then it will provide your hot water efficiently. This 20 litre gas water heater can heat up water instantly but the overheating protection will help it to auto cut along with many other safety features.

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas Geyser:

In the industry of water heater, Bajaj is undoubtedly the thought leader. This model of gas water heater has some remarkable and exclusive features that make it stand apart in the league. This heater with 6 litre water capacity is convenient for almost every household. The superior performance of this geyser is backed by advanced technology. The over-heating feature along with the child lock facility of this Bajaj Geyser has made it a popular choice in the Indian market.

V-guard Safeflopus Gas Geyser:

Transform your cold water bath to a soothing warm shower with this efficient Gas Geyser. The smart and sophisticated design will enhance the aesthetic feeling of the bathroom. It has come a long way from the bulky and boxy look of the old fashion water heater. The lightweight and sleek design have not made any compromise in the efficiency as it comes with a 5 Star rating. This V-guard geyser has excellent multi-user facilities and can be installed easily.

Racold PNG Gas Geyser:

While searching for the gas heater that is loaded with features along with durability and robust performance; you would surely land up on this. It is the perfect choice of the domestic requirement. The imported burners are efficient for high heating facilities to make their position in this list of top 5 Gas Geysers of India.

Havells Flagro 6-Litre Gas Geyser:

If you consider the safety issue first, then there is no other geyser that can compete with it. The feroglass coating in the tank along with a single weld-line design ensures the durability of this appliance. The Incoloy heating technology helps in instant water heating. The 20-minute timer protection cut off the heating to safeguard it. Another excellent feature that enhances its safety benefit is the flameout protection that makes it safe for everyone’s use. The child lock is the last feature that completes its safety factors that make the geyser a popular choice in the Indian market.

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