Let us Explore some of the Best Designs of Spice Boxes

Let us Explore some of the Best Designs of Spice Boxes

The spice box is the treasure of Indian kitchens. Indian moms come out from the kitchen area with delicious dishes due to the combination of spices used. Spices in Indian dishes plays an important role for centuries. It is found to be the most domestic item in Indian kitchens. Spices are used to increase the palatability that improves the flavoring and coloring of the dish. Today, we will be discussing the various designs of masala box.

Wooden Spice Boxes

Likewise, people prefer wooden furniture such as a bed, table, wardrobe, etc. They use to prefer wooden kitchen cabinets and masala holder too. The reason is that it keeps the spices safe from moisture, and they remain intact for a longer time. During the rainy season, the spices get spoiled due to the moisture reducing the flavor of spices. But, a wooden masala dabba will protect your spices. Here are the types of wooden spice boxes available:

1. Sheesham wood:

The Sheesham wood indian spice container are available in wide varieties in terms of shapes, size, sections, and style. The size and sections depends on the number of spices you want to have at one time in your spice box.
The lid of your spice masala box is available in two types such as glass and wooden lid. It depends on how you want your spice box to look.
The shape of your wooden spice box comes in various shapes, if you follow a particular style of furniture, then you should go with a particular shape of spice boxes.

2. Mango wood:

The mango wood spice box is available in an aesthetic case, the lid has a designer art. It is found to be the best gifting option for your loved ones. Also, one can choose it to gift the newlywed couples, who are going to start their new journey. In this, you have an option in the number of sections to keep the spices in it.

3. Teak wood:

A very unique design is available in teak wood indian spice box. It has 12 containers with a spoon, you don’t have to fit the oversize spoon in it. Also, no more finding the ingredients hidden in the fridge takes all your time and effort, especially when a lot of guests arrive and you have to instantly cook a meal.

Metal Spice Boxes

1. The most elegant way of managing your kitchen is to use a metal masala box. It comes in a wide variety of designs that will leave you “awe”. You will find such masala dabba in round shape with only standard size available. It is a transitional design such that the combination of traditional and modern.

2. The lid has a design of mandala art, providing your kitchen that aesthetic value, you have always been looking for. Also, you can choose it to gift to your younger sister, who is going to be married soon. As the design is so unique, they will feel good to receive it as a gift.

Brass Spice Boxes

From ancient times, metal utensils are found to be the best to eat food. Likewise copper and bronze, brass is found to be best for eating due to some ayurvedic importance. Keeping spices in a brass masala box cures several diseases like inflammation on the skin, diarrhea, and anemia. And not only, this but brass has been used all over India due to its health benefits. Now, spice box is available in brass too. The lid comes with a mandala art, that makes it look so appealing and is found to be a part of designer kitchen items. Also explore kitchen rack online at lowest prices.

The best benefits you can have with brass are; that it helps to purify the blood and prevents abdominal infections. As these diseases are found to be mostly found in the human body.

All in all, it can conclude that we all have seen the standard design of masala Dabba. But, today we have discussed the latest design recently got available on many websites. You just need to visit the reliable website, that sells a good collection under masala holder at very reasonable prices. Therefore, order yours and make your kitchen accessory worth buying.

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