Top 7 Refrigerators You Can Buy Online in India

Top 7 Refrigerators You Can Buy Online in India

A fridge has come a long way from being a luxury item to a essential appliance. Today you can not think of living a day without a fridge. It’s used to store fruits and vegetables as it retains its freshness intact.The refrigerator also aids in creating and storage of tasty desserts and ice creams. It preserves the nutrients in our food, which contributes to a healthier and better life.When one thinks of purchasing a refrigerator, it becomes difficult to choose which refrigerator to purchase, especially since one should think long term.The decision of selecting a refrigerator is dependent upon storage capacity, type of fridge, household size, budget, eating habits, space on your home and so forth.In this guide, I will tell about how to pick the best fridge for your needs and which are the top 10 best refrigerators in India at this time. I’ve included in the list, the top refrigerators brands in India such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool and more.

Without further Adieu lets have a look at the top 10 refrigerators in India:


LG-GL-D221ABGY-215-L-5-Star-Inverter-Direct-Cool-Single-Door-Refrigerator-300x3001. This capacity is sufficient for a small family or an individual. It has a compact dimensions and a space-saving layout.

2. The product comes along with a Smart Inverter Compressor that produces less noise and conserves energy. It’s a Stabilizer Free Operation.   It’s excellent to keep heavy utensils handily.

3. With this product, you’ll find an Anti-Bacterial Gasket to maintain the interior bacterial growth free.  It’s a Moist and Brand new feature where you can store all of the vegetable moisture locked. This maintains an optimum level of moisture and keeps them clean for a longer period

4. This can make ice cubes in only 108 minutes with the fastest ice making attribute. There’s a base rack with drawer too to keep the vegetables that require no heating. It makes the entire navigation easier.

5. The fridge has a Smart Link Technology to attach to the house inverter in the event of power cuts. This makes sure that there’s not any spoilage of food items.


LG-GL-I292RPZL-Frost-Free-Double-Door-Refrigerator-123x3001. Smart Inverter Compressor works tirelessly and softly to maintain all your food as fresh for as long as you can.

2. Multi Air Flow feature ensures even cooling throughout the fridge using the multi-flow air vents found all around the refrigerator.

3. Moist Balance Crisper is a distinctive lattice-type box cover that maintains moisture at an optimum level.

4. LG’s Smart Diagnosis helps to diagnose and resolve any issues you might have with your fridge quickly and correctly.


LG-GL-D201ASPX-Direct-Cool-Single-Door-Refrigerator-131x3001. Smart Inverter Compressor works tirelessly and softly to maintain all your food as fresh for as long as you can.

2. Due to LG’s Smart Link technology, this refrigerator can be hooked up to a house inverter and not drain it because it knows it is running off an inverter.

3. Toughened glass shelves are capable of carrying heavy food items. They may also be adjusted according to demand and can take the load as heavy as 175kg.

4. Moist and Fresh are an advanced lattice-patterned box cover that keeps the moisture in the perfect level.



1. Bottom Mounted Refrigerator lets you use your refrigerator portion & reduces bending around 90%.

2.The Refrigerators section is twice larger than any other fridge giving you the convenience to save more while keeping your veggies fresh and last longer.

3. The cool mat keeps cooling in the fridge for up to ten hours after a power cut.

4. 360-degree airflow gives uninterrupted and even cooling even in the event that you keep the utensil or food near the port.



1. The LG GL-D201ABPX 190 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator Has a capacity of 190 Litres to suffice for a household of 2-3 members.  It suits all sorts of modern-day decor.

2. The product comes along with a Smart Inverter Compressor that’s designed to balance the operation and electricity consumption also.  It enhances the durability of this product preventing any damages.

3. With this item, you get shelves composed of Toughened Glass material that’s strong and sturdy enough to hold heavyweight around 175 Kg. The Anti-Bacterial Gasket retains the food things healthy and bacteria-free for a longer period. You’ll find a base stand together with the drawer to offer you additional storage space for storing potatoes, onions, and other grocery items.

4. This item comes along with Moist and Brand new feature to keep the fruits and vegetables fresh and moist up to a certain degree. The ice-making is quicker in this refrigerator as it could make ice over 108 minutes.


h61.The product comes together with a Convertible Design to offer a simple storage facility. You may convert the freezer area to the typical fridge section and get 88 lines of additional space. This permits you to keep fresh produce in need.

2. The shelves comprise of Toughened Glass substance to maintain weight up to 150 Kg. Therefore, it is simple to store heavy and vegetables utensils without difficulty. There are a Door Alarm as well to alert you in the event you’ve kept the door open for two minutes, or the door is not locked properly.

3. With this product, you’ll have a Moist Fresh zone to put away the fruits and veggies for a longer time.   It includes an inbuilt Deodorizer to prevent any bad odour, keeping everything fresh indoors.

4. You receive a Digital Screen which adds a small amount of sophistication. With a touch of your fingertip, you can correct all of the temperature in addition to turn on/off the electricity tool section. The ice dispensing process is simple with all the winding method. It’s easy to maneuver, and so, the storage area is elastic.


h71. This comes together with a convertible feature to allow you to convert the freezer area to the typical fridge section. It provides you 88 litres of additional space to store fruits and vegetables for all the special occasions. The LED touch screen makes it even more elegant. It permits you to control the temperature in addition to the power cool on/off alternative.

2. With this item, you receive a Twist/ Movable Ice Maker which makes fast ice cubes. It makes the vetting procedure flexible and easy.  The glass shelves are strong and sturdy enough to hold 150 Kg of weight.

3. This item comes along with an extremely efficient LED lighting to illuminate every corner of the refrigerator. You may have a clear view of all of the products stored inside. The Door alarm alerts you if the door is open for over 2 minutes. It conserves electricity consumption and retains the energy consumption low.

4.  There’s a Large Bottle Guard to shop and chill large bottles quickly.6. It’s a Digital Inverter Technology, which controls the rate of the compressor and adjusts the temperature according to needs. This reduces the noise level in addition to enhances the durability of the product.

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