Your Guide to Lladro Ornaments

Your Guide to Lladro Ornaments

When it comes to ceramic figurines, Lladro, is an iconic Spanish brand that is known and appreciated all over the world.

The company was founded by the three Lladro brothers, Juan, Jose and Vincente, in 1953. The company began life in the Spanish village of Almassera located near Valencia. Their first products were vases, jugs and other similar items, it wasn’t until three years later in 1956 that they began to branch out and started producing the sculptures that they are most well known for.

The ceramics produced by the Lladro factory quickly became so popular that they had to expand their small workshop several times until eventually in 1958 they moved to larger premises in Tavernes Blanques.

The inspiration for many of the Lladro ornaments comes from the works of other European manufacturers such as Sevres, Capodimonte and Meissen.

Towards the end of the 1950s, the company opened its first store in Valencia. The iconic colouring and stylising of the Lladro figures that are so loved today was developed during the 1960s. The company has continued to grow over the years opening stores all over the world most recently expanding into the emerging markets of Russia, India and Eastern Europe.

What is it about Lladro products?

With such continued increases in popularity over the years, it is clear that Lladro has a certain something that really speaks to people. Their figures are simple, they are elegant and the pale delicate colouring that is so synonymous with so many of the Lladro figurines offers a certain innocent quality to the pieces that people really seem drawn to. Many of the figurines make ideal gifts for special occasions because of their subject matter, from couples in love to figures of mothers and babies or young children.

Lladro family life

The family life collection is incredibly popular. The figures make ideal gifts for so many special occasions. There are a number of figurines inspired by the bond between a mother and her child, all the way from babyhood, through the toddler years and older. For anyone looking for a gift for a new mother or even for Mother’s Day these make incredibly popular gifts.

There is something about the way in which the figures are depicted that really does capture that special bond that exists between a mother and her child.

These are also some really stunning, and very simple, figures of children in the collection, many of which have been carefully stylised with Lladros pale pastel shades. Fathers and their children are also depicted within the collection as is the family unit.

For the modern couple who already have everything the moments to celebrate collection includes some stunning figurines of bridal couples and pairs of doves.

Lladro charming animals

Animals also feature quite heavily in the Lladro collection with the charming animal’s collection. This range includes everything from beloved pets to some truly stunning wild animals and birds which feature a more naturalist colour scheme that really brings them to life.

Many of these animal figurines also feature children in the typical style associated with Lladro the perfect innocent friendship of a small child and their beloved cat or dog. There is a real whimsical quality about many of these figurines that make them the perfect collectable for any animal lover.

With so many different figures, subjects and events celebrated within the Lladro range it really isn’t difficult to see why they have become so popular over the years and why so many people collect them, there really is something for everyone and every occasion.

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