5 Camping Essentials You Should Take On Your Next Big Adventure

5 Camping Essentials You Should Take On Your Next Big Adventure

Camping is a great way to get in touch with nature as well as a way for you to connect with your inner rugged side. Nothing beats sitting around a campfire you made yourself with friends and family under the stars. If you are new to camping, or simply want to up your game, there are all kinds of tools and essentials that you should consider purchasing to make your outdoor adventures even more fun. Here are 5 camping essentials you should definitely take on your next big adventure.


Even if you’re just going camping and don’t plan on doing any hunting, having a gun with you is smart. Wild animals are unpredictable and should they attempt to attack you or the people you’re with, you want to be prepared. You should also consider buying a handgun for self protection purposes, as sometimes it gets a little scary in the middle of nowhere. Just make sure to learn how to shoot properly and keep your gun locked when not in use, and check what types of permits you need to have in the area you will be camping.

Cast Iron Pan or Pie Iron

You may be familiar with cooking with a cast iron pan at home, but cast iron works even better over an open flame! Pie irons are also great for camping because you can make such a wide variety of things with them, and cleaning up is so easy! Next time you go camping for a weekend, bring some cast iron cookware to elevate your experience. Once you see how great you can eat while camping, you’ll want to go much more often!

Wearable Sleeping Bag

If you go camping on a regular basis, you more than likely own a sleeping bag to keep you warm at night. But did you know that they also make comfy wearable sleeping bags now? They have zipper holes for your arms and cinch at the bottom so that you can move and walk around without sacrificing the warmth that a sleeping bag provides. Going on hikes or sitting around the fire in one of these is a total game changer.


Hammocks are a great way to relax, and with a portable camping hammock, all you need is 2 trees. These types of hammocks are made to take on adventures, so they are lightweight and setup takes mere minutes. Consider grabbing a beer and a good book and posting up in the hammock for a few hours. You won’t want to get out!

First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit on hand is always a good idea, especially in situations where you have no cell phone service and are far away from hospitals. You may never end up needing to use it, but if you do you’ll be glad you packed it!

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