7 Fashionable Shoe Styles Every Man Should Own

7 Fashionable Shoe Styles Every Man Should Own

When you meet someone for the first time, without any doubt, you will be judged, based on various factors and mains factors including your hair, handshake, attire, and arguably your footwear.

No matter, whether you are on a first date or a job interview, you don’t want someone looking down at your feet and see a pair of battered old shoes. Shoes play a huge role in giving that perfect finishing touch to an outfit. Footwear can make or break your outfit instantly.

But, with various footwear for men out there, it is obvious that making the right choice gets difficult. Don’t worry as this article will lead your feet in the right direction for every style and occasion.

The black leather oxford

There is no pre-defined blueprint for the perfect shoe collection as tastes differ among every man. But it is always best to be ready for the most possible event such as ones involving shoes. That said, you will need a pair of shoes that fits your suit like a key.

One such pair of shoes is black leather Oxford. The oxford part of the name means closed lace shoes where the quarter is sewed under the front part of the shoes. The lacing system of oxford shoes gives them a snug fit and clean finish and makes them ideal for formal events.

You can wear black leather Oxford shoes with grey or black formal pants. Make sure that you have got the right toe shaped branded shoes for men.

The perfect toe shape should resemble a perfect almond shape; it should neither be too sharp nor too round.


The brogue shoes like most of the dress shoes were born as more utilitarian shoes, unlike the way men wear them today. The perforations that come in different designs had a purpose in the past. The perforations were originally designed to drain out water after the wearer crosses bog and swamps in Ireland.

Now, the brogues are treated with more respect and are worn with coats and dress suits. The golden rule of brogue style is associated with several perforations in them. The more number of perforations equals a more casual style.

If you want to go throughout the day with your brogues, go for a semi-brogue without the W-shaped toe design.

The color of the brogue also plays a huge role in determining the style. Lighter brogues are apt for casual styles while dark brown or black brogues are great for formal occasions.

Suede chukka

After becoming popular in the 40s, suede chukkas have risen in popularity in recent years. It is a minimal ankle-length boot with just two or three eyelets for the lace. The element that speaks for itself is the texture.

If you are yearning to build a stunning shoe collection, add a pair of cream chukkas to the list. The suede chukkas fall more on the casual style and it is a great alternative for sneakers.

The best way you can style these shoes is with a pair of chinos and a polo shirt. You can also employ suede chukkas to dress down an ensemble that might become formal with brogues.

White leather low top 

If you are a shoe lover then you would know that current men’s trend is incomplete without white leather low tops. The white leather low top is nothing but white sneakers. If you want to pick one sneaker style it is arguably white sneakers.

The trainers introduced in the 1960s gained popularity and became ubiquitous over recent years. Now every shoe brand worth its salt owns its take on this minimal trend.

White sneakers notch up the casualness of any ensemble without making it messy. You can style it in black jeans and various other outfits; the only no here is pairing your sneaker with raw denim.

Leather lace-up boots

A pair of leather boots is arguably the most powerful addition to any man’s wardrobe. The leather boots are known for their sturdy nature no matter what you throw at them is it oil or coffee. The long-lasting life of the boots will give you a story to tell.

A well-maintained pair of boots will last for your lifetime. As they long for a lifetime, make sure that the pair you pick can pass through trends.

While picking a pair, see to it that the leg is soft. Opt for an ankle-high, workwear style boot either in black or blue. Cuff your pants to take the casual outfit to the edge. If you aim for a more conservative look, pull your pants over the boots.


This Scandinavian born style has found its way into the preppy sartorial lineup. The loafers or suede loafers have become a streamlined shoe style that can never be replaced.

The penny loafer remains unchanged since its origin in the early 1930s. If you reserve the loafers for smart-casual style, go for a pair of low and lace-free loafers. It is also the perfect summer look that will gain you all the attention.

You can also opt for a pair of brown loafers which suits a wide range of styles including casual and formal styles. Now coming to the material, leather is common while soft suede is a versatile choice. You can wear the right pair of loafers for casual, Smart-casual, and formal outfits.

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots are a classic shoe style that will never fade away with time. This statement holds true with the fact that Chelsea boots have been popular since the mid-19th century. Opt for a well-made pair of Chelsea with just two pieces of leather.

The Chelsea boots are perfect for pairing with jeans or tailored slim-fitting trousers. Make sure that the color of your trousers and boots are complementary.

Also, let the sole be slimmer for a more streamlined look. One advantage of Chelsea boots is you need not keep them pristine as the scruff or scratch will add to the raw style of the shoe.

Bottom line

Next to clothes, shoes are the most inevitable articles in a man’s wardrobe. If your wardrobe is crying for some variety, don’t hesitate and pick some hot trends online.

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