7 Things You Have To Learn Before You Turn To LED Lighting

7 Things You Have To Learn Before You Turn To LED Lighting

In today’s world, everyone is fascinated about decorating their home in a classy way. Certain lighting in certain brightness in certain places is an easy and quickest way to make your house classy and decorated. In this regard, LED light is such a one-stop solution to decorate your house. LED light bulbs are gaining high popularity because of certain benefits that come with it. first of all, the quality of light and brightness of LED light bulbs are quite impeccable. Even in energy saving, LED lights are the only feasible solution in today’s world. With rising concern about the cost of the electricity bill, LED lights are the only option that can give us some relief. Now if you are thinking about turning your whole lighting system of our home into LED lighting then first you need to consider certain things. The initial cost of LED lights is indeed huge. That is why, before turning to LED lighting for your home, it is best to do some research. We will provide you with such 7 things that you should learn before you turn to LED lighting.

Choose the correct design for your home:

LED lights come in various shapes, color temperature, design, brightness, etc. choosing a wrong design or color temperature can ruin the whole texture of your house. The mistake you do not want to make.

Choose the purpose:

LED lights come in many variations based on the purpose of your lighting. So if you are bringing your LED light for your kitchen, the type of LED light bulb will be different from the LED light of the bedroom or study room. In the case of industrial lighting, IES RP7 is the standard notion for LED lights.

Follow the new Lumens rating:

while buying the correct led controllers for your purpose becomes complicated, following the new Lumens rating can solve such a problem. The accurate amount of light emitted by your light source is represented by Lumens rating. Based on this Lumens rating you can choose the correct LED light bulbs for your purpose.

LED bulb brightness can be changed:

in the latest LED light bulbs you can change the brightness of the light emitted. So according to your purpose, you can change the brightness. Just make sure the bought LED is dimmable.

Check the UV information of your LED light:

while lights are known for attracting insects in certain seasons, many LED lights do not attract such flying insects. Such insects are usually attracted to lights that give off ultraviolet light. LED bulbs with yellow lenses are devoid of such inconvenience.

Always choose ‘UL listed’ LED bulbs: 

you should always look for ‘UL listed’ LED bulbs instead of ‘UL complaint’ LED lights. ‘UL complaint’ LED lights do not assure that the bulbs have been tested. ‘UL listed’ LED lights have gone through stringent tests as per UL.

Calculate cost and saving:

always consider the power consumption and expected lifespan of the LED lights to make sure you are getting benefitted from it.

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