Best Wall Tiles For Living Room

Best Wall Tiles For Living Room

Being beautiful and elegant will make your home space special for friends, family and visitors. That is why the design and decoration to choose the wall tiles for the living room.

Pavit Ceramics is one of the top wall tiles manufacturers provides stylish Okute, slate, Nelio, Slaty and Firma wall tiles for your kitchen, bedroom, living room & bathroom to make your place attractive.

Beautiful and elegant will make your home space special for friends, family and visitors. Therefore, the design and decoration to choose the living room wall tiles and feng shui for the homeowner is very important.

Beautiful wall tiles for the living room always create an attraction for customers with standard sizes such as 600×600, 400×800, 300×600. Our showroom with many beautiful wall tiles will help homeowners to choose. The best for room decoration.

1. The benefits when choosing wall tiles to decorate the room.

– The correct use of wall coverings for the living room will make the room always clean, fresh and luxurious.

– Wall tiles also help the wall of the house to become aesthetically pleasing and waterproof

– With the design and selection of beautiful coverings, you will create an attraction and appeal when visitors come to the house. Create more luck for the owner.

Choosing the right wall tiles is very important for homeowners and families to feel happy and at the same time to leave many beautiful impressions when guests return home.

2.  The lines of wall tiles according to the name.

A good tile not only increases elegance and sophistication but also acts against humidity, waterproofing the wall, especially in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. You can choose the beautiful wall tiles below for the wall covering of your beloved home.

2.1. Classic rustic cement tile

With classical motifs, this type of glazed vitrified tile(Gvt Tiles) was commonly used in a period of time and it was thought that it had been forgotten, but now it suddenly becomes one of the trends for you to choose.

Previously it was only used for flooring, with the creativity of the creators it has become a type of wall tiles with a completely new and unique style.

2.2. Mediterranean style tiles

Inspired by the houses located on the Mediterranean coast with two colors white and blue, modern designers have applied in the design of tiles of natural colors that bring friendliness to the friend’s house.

2.3. Small patterned brick

The trend in bathroom design is to use bright colors, but to stand out, to have a feeling of excitement every time you enter the room, you need to wallpaper with small patterned tiles. The bricks are arbitrarily arranged to create a youthful beauty, highlighting the cheerful atmosphere.

However, to avoid confusion, do not use a lot of textures, not only that they are not pretty but also that they make the space narrow.

2.4. Encaustice tiles for the kitchen space

Not only the bathroom, the kitchen should also use a new, more luxurious and beautiful shirt, and the wall tiles will help you do that. Not only using tile, but also for wall cladding to create a cool kitchen space. You can use classic encaustic cement tiles to enhance your kitchen space.

2.5. The tiles have a special shape

Using a tiles with a special shape not only stands out for the patterns and colors of imported tiles, but also leaves an impression of the design. In general, the color space is very harmonious, but when approaching, it is interesting because the special design of the tiles thanks to meticulous care from design to construction.

Above are the types of ceramic porcelain tile that you can choose from to highlight the space and avoid moisture, absorbent for the wall.

3. The secret to choosing beautiful wall tiles

The use of wooden floor tiles is a prevailing trend today, not only increasing the aesthetics of the house but also creating a feeling of luxury and originality in your home. However, many people still wonder about the secret of choosing a beautiful wall tile pattern, let’s find the answer.

Surely you have been amazed by the decoration and elegance of famous restaurants and hotels. Many rooms, even the bathrooms in 5-star hotels, often use tiles to add elegance and spaciousness. Therefore, the choice of decorative tiles plays an important role, deciding the aesthetics of the room.

This is an indispensable factor when you want to have a comfortable and comfortable bathroom. You can choose from popular colors like white, pink, cream or a combination of opposite colors like pink and gray, black and white to create a unique room.

Choosing the size of tiles: In the old days, decorative tiles had only a few sizes, today companies have created a series of tiles of different sizes to meet the needs of customers.

Thanks to that, you can predict and choose the type of tiles, the size, the amount that suits the room, and its cost.

Choose the patterns, decorative motifs:
For the bathroom, we should choose simple patterned tiles. The selection of elaborate patterns has the ability to collect dust, create space for bacteria to live, and require a lot of effort when cleaning.

Currently, on the market there are many types of decorative tiles for the room, you should choose brand tiles, good quality for long-term use.

4. Commonly used outdoor wall tiles

Nowadays, wall decoration is not only limited to picture frames hanging on the wall or selected colors, but it has been developed thanks to the solution of cladding with a variety of tile patterns with striking designs. Here are some of the modern wall tile designs.

Each product line has its own advantages and disadvantages. Need a product line of beautiful wall tiles, durable quality and the best price, please contact us.

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