Why Does the Conservative Movement Matter for Citizens of the States?

Why Does the Conservative Movement Matter for Citizens of the States?

It was not easy for the Founding Fathers to draft our Constitution, for they had to consider several aspects. During that time the War for Independence had not ended and individuals were aspiring to freedom and of eliminating any dictatorial government form of leadership. Americans had to listen to what the British Crown advised them and at the same time they had to choose a form of government that was dictator free. Americans needed limited government in the Constitution. As far as the Conservative Movement is concerned, this has its foundation in the Declaration of Independence.

What You Should Know about Limited Government in the Constitution

Creating a system with limited government was not an easy process for our Founding Fathers. They had to determine one Federal Legislature and that is our Congress; as such, the Congress included the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House represented the people while the Senate represented the United States. It was also mentioned in the Constitution that each state was allowed to have two Senators. This was not enough to ensure limited government in the Constitution.

The Founding Fathers mentioned in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution the powers that are granted to the Federal Government. There are certain functions that can and must be performed only by the Federal Government and one of them is the interaction with foreign governments. As far as the Enumerated Powers that are meant to contribute to limited government in the constitution some of the most essential are:

 To regulate Commerce with foreign countries and the Indian Tribes
 To set Laws for Bankruptcies, to coin money and to regulate the value of foreign coin.
 To suppress insurrections and invasions with the help of the Militia
 To raise and support armies
 To create and maintain a Navy.

All of these actions had to be handled by the Federal Government and this is how the Founding Fathers contributed to a limited government.

What Is the Conservative Movement?

The Conservative Movement will always remain important for the United States and its main priorities were mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.

These are equality for all men and the same Rights: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The Constitution is quite clear and it leaves no room for interpretation as far as the commerce clause is concerned. Nonetheless, over the years Congress activists started to interpret the Constitution as they see fit. The Decisions that were issued by the Marshall Court allowed Congress to make changes in intrastate as well as interstate commerce.

The Libertarian and Conservative ideologies play an important role in the United States but it is worth pointing out that they do not share many similarities. For example, they both seem to accept the Constitution as a controlling document but the Libertarians focus on reinterpreting certain areas that were written by the Framers. Thanks to various activist decisions issued by the Supreme Court, the Framers intent was no longer respected and the country shifted towards the Libertarian ideology.

As far as the Conservative Movement and ideology are concerned, it is worth mentioning the main aspects that belong to the Conservative ideology:

 The Federal Government is limited by Enumerated Powers and all the other issues are left to the States or to the citizens.
 There is a strong focus on National Defense capabilities.
 It advocates for minimum involvement of the Federal Government in the National Economy.
 It supports personal freedom to accomplish personal goals and the fact that each individual has to provide for itself.
 It enforces certain Fundamental Rights granted by the Constitution.
 It opposes abortion, same-sex marriage and civil unions.

Conservative MovementWhat Is Limited Government in the Constitution?

It is the role of the Federal Government to perform some necessary functions that are clearly stated in our Constitution. The Government needs limits but at the same time it is to be able to perform its duties. When it comes to this issue, the Constitution deals with this problem and creates reasonable limits on Federal power. This is what limited government in the Constitution refers to. In the Constitution there are three Branches of the government and all of these are considered equal. These are:

The Legislative Branch – it consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives, it limits the areas of authority of the Congress, it limits the types of laws that can be written by the Congress and it specifies the State Powers that are prohibited.

The Executive Branch – the executive Power belongs to the President who can maintain his function for 4 years. The President is entitled to convene and adjourn Congress when necessary.

The Judicial Branch – there is only one Supreme Court and other inferior courts that will be established by the Congress. It specifies the scope of the Judicial branch, trial by jury and jurisdiction and it defines treason against the United States.

Each of these Branches has a specific authority it has to focus on. As far as the States are concerned, each State is bound to honor the actions of other States and the United States must protect each State against invasion. The limits of the Federal Government are clearly stated in our Constitution and it is our responsibility as citizens to make sure the Government respects its limits that were set in the Constitution.

As far as the Conservative Movement is concerned, you will find plenty of information about it in the Constitution. According to the Democratic Party there is no need for the private medical sector in the States and people should receive only government-controlled medical care. The combination of Liberalism and Socialism ideas are in favor of the dictator and this is exactly what the States do not need. Citizens of the States have their rights and they should not accept being the slaves of a government that does not respect these rights.

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