How to Get a Luxurious Hampton Style Home in Sydney

How to Get a Luxurious Hampton Style Home in Sydney

Are you keen to build a home that features a luxurious Hampton style in Sydney?

Hampton style homes are houses synonymous with premium real estate and fine architecture. The name is derived from the Hamptons which is an upmarket seaside area located on New York’s Long Island known for being the summer vacation spot for the wealthy. Homes in the area boast a distinctive style that has come to be known as ‘Hampton’s style.’

So, how do you go about getting such a home built?

1. Understand what aspects make a home Hampton style

Do you know exactly what makes a home a Hampton’s style house? Hampton style homes are not only elegant and sophisticated by design but manage to also incorporate classic coastal elements into them. One of the distinguishing features of these homes is the gable style roof that’s often accompanied by large open plan balconies.
In addition, the choice of colours for the houses is generally within the spate of pale blues all the way through to soft greys. There is a wide-spread use of timber for wall panelling as well as flooring. Where Hampton’s style house interior is concerned, dado rails, ornate tap ware as well as pendant lighting are common.

2. Get style inspiration from picture-based websites

Before you approach a home builder, you need to spend time getting style inspiration from picture-based websites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Take a look at everything from Hampton’s living room to single story Hampton style homes. Doing this gives you a place to start from when discussing your new home build with the builder.
From the information you have provided them with, your home builder will be able to come up with a tailored plan that’ll meet your expectations for your luxurious new home build. They’ll also be able to give you a comprehensive quote for the project.

3. Get in touch with reputable home builders

Now that you understand what Hampton’s style homes are and have a portfolio to share with a home builder, it’s time to find a reputable and experienced builder. One of the best ways to find such a builder is to ask for word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family and colleagues – particularly people who’ve built homes recently.

When you’ve got at least five names of trusted home builders, sit down with each one of them to hear what they propose, to get a feel of their work ethic and how they do business. Take time to go through their galleries and portfolios of work done in the past. Follow up with the references they give so you can see firsthand the kind of Hampton’s style homes Sydney they are capable of building.

Home builders Sydney you can trust:

When building a home of this magnitude it’s imperative to work with a home builder who has the experience and the expertise to carry out such projects. Xclusiv Built is a company that has garnered a strong reputation in the building industry. For all your Hampton style house plans Australia don’t hesitate to contact us.

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