Internet Monitoring For Work From Home Employees Unethical or a Necessity?

Internet Monitoring For Work From Home Employees Unethical or a Necessity?

Capitalizing on monitoring software is an important step in keeping your business data secure. The monitoring software enables a company to monitor and control activities on the network where the monitoring software has been installed. This type of network monitoring not only allows you to see if your employees are productive during their work shifts but can also guard your business against internal threats or data breaches. Since many business networks use online programs for almost all interactions with employees, it makes sense to track IP traffic.

First, however, it will be integral for your business to have a good internet connection. The finest internet connection that provides these features is called fiber optic. This is by far the fastest and most dependable connection compared to the normal internet connections in use all over the world today. Some top Internet service providers (ISPs) such as Cox are adept at delivering such services. Cox Internet ensures that business owners have fast internet speed, as this allows employees to perform their tasks more productively. With adequate bandwidth and speed, your employees can quickly work on projects with deadlines, connect with clients and/or vendors, link with potential clients, interact with colleagues, share ideas, and more.

There are many different types of monitoring tools you can choose from. As such, it can be difficult to know which monitoring software is best for your business. The monitoring software focuses on three main jobs: employee performance monitoring, bandwidth, malware attack monitoring, and insider threat detection. This article aims to act as a guide to help you determine whether it is the right tool for you or not. 

What is an Internet Monitoring Software? 

The monitoring software can be installed by the administrator or manually installed on any specific computer. It is usually managed from a management console and can track the activity on numerous computers on the network where it is installed. This includes any information sent through that computer’s IP address, as well as the specific websites that are visited. The data can then be stored in the cloud to reduce the space used and can be accessed from anywhere. 

What does it track?

Several events can be tracked through the main operating panel. This has access to and can manage any event that is using its associated network. Some common events include:

  • Time limits on sites or applications
  • Logging and storing content from emails or chats
  • Monitoring types of websites visited and the time spent on them
  • Quantity of bandwidth transferred 
  • Identifying the number of devices connected to the internet 
  • Determining when employees are working on projects

The audit trail is customizable to suit your business needs. You can record data for shorter periods to save space. Past data and analysis can also be applied to current performance to help you determine a baseline, standard activity, or trends.

Benefits of Using Web Tracking 

As you may have already discovered, a protected and strong web monitoring tool is a safe and easy way for your business to monitor workflow and productivity, guard intellectual property, and improve security. The monitoring of internet usage can also record when an employee is at work, whether employees are honest, and when an employee goes outside the bounds of their job responsibilities.

1. Productivity 

Businesses use internet surveillance to monitor performance both publicly and privately. If productivity is your main concern, let your employees know that you track time in detail to make them more productive. It will also involve them in setting project deadlines, reminding them that productivity is critical, and reassuring them that your employees’ tracking methods do not violate their privacy.

Private sites such as internet banking or social media platforms may also be restricted. In this way, employees know that such behavior is not work-related and therefore unacceptable. You can also allow these sites, but with time limits and restrictions.

2. Malware attacks

A malicious attack can hit any organization, regardless of size or industry. Almost all companies have information that could be valuable to an attacker. If your business is apprehensive about theft and digital safety, web-tracking software covertly tracks almost every activity on a given computer and monitors malicious events to help you prevent attacks on your business data. It can also alert your team to a vulnerable area, a potential point of attack, a data breach, or potential weaknesses.

Cons of using Web tracking 

As is the case when using any new software or technology, you need to weigh both the pros and cons. 

Generally, this type of software helps protect your business from claims. However, there are privacy issues that you should be aware of. Each state or country has its data protection laws, so make sure the type of monitoring you choose complies with the pertinent laws and guidelines. 

Furthermore, it has the potential of demotivating your employees as they may see it as an invasion of privacy. As employee tracking becomes more important, organizations need to understand the legal and ethical issues that can arise if monitoring is not carried out properly. 

 Internet surveillance in the workplace can lead to conflict between employers and employees as both sides seek to protect personal interests. Employees want privacy, and employers want the resources to not be misused. Either way, companies can adhere to ethical monitoring principles by avoiding arbitrary monitoring of employees’ online activity.

A final word on monitoring employees through web tracking 

While some may disagree, employee monitoring can be ethical. Nevertheless, everything is in your hands. If you want to make sure you are ethically supervising your employees, consider how you would feel if your day-to-day activities were supervised. Also, be sure to follow the simple rules we talked about so you do not run into ethical issues. By supervising employees in a rational, transparent, and minimally intrusive manner, you can ensure that the perception of the employees remains positive.

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