Larimar Jewelry – The Amazing and Beautiful Jewelry for Positive Energy

Larimar Jewelry – The Amazing and Beautiful Jewelry for Positive Energy

How beautiful Larimar can be 

The blue Caribbean stone is an incredible stone associated with pectolite, and the variations come from the inclusion of specific minerals in the stone, which provides it the surf, sand blue, or green shade. The blue color is in demand all the time, and it has a strong impact. The stone is appreciated for its appearance and its wonderful healing properties. The stone provides the tropical water feel, and the bluish tint is more admirable and enthuses the gem lovers’ interest. 

Discovery of Larimar 

This unique is rarely found in any place other than the Dominican Republic. It was discovered in the year 1974 officially but had a long history behind it. This stone was made when the volcanic activity created the different blends of the crystal in the hydrothermal fluid to reduce and crystalize into the gemstone. And when the natural calamity earth quack came, it had swung the mountain and caused the hidden gems to displace, and then the gemstones dropped into the River. It was found in the year 1916 for the first time by a Spanish priest ‘Father Miguel Domingo.’ And then later, the stone is named after the priest’s daughter ‘Larissa’ with the Spanish word ‘mar’ meaning the ‘sea.’ 

Points to remember to keep Larimar stone-safe

Wearing Larimar jewelry like Larimar rings could be an excellent choice, but they should be taken care of properly, as they should not come in contact with perfumes, sprays, makeup, or disinfectants. Otherwise, the stone can lose its original color. It should be the last thing you wear while getting ready. After you take it off, always clean your stone with the regular tap water and wipe it with a cloth. You can use an Ultrasonic cleanser to clean your stone but do not use the steam bath. Otherwise, the color would be faded.

Always remove the Larimar bracelets while doing backbreaking work, as they may get scratches and damage the jewelry. Also, remember to remove it while going into the swimming pools as the chemical substances mixed in the pool can damage the beautiful shade of the Larimar pendants

Wearing the Larimar stone while going to the office

The blue color Larimar earring could be worn while going to the office, as the blue color is the symbol of peace. It can help the wearer to stay calm and work better in the office. It would allow the person to focus more on the work and increase creativity while working. The person would develop the ability to listen more than speaking and be more efficient and effective while completing the projects. It would give you inner satisfaction, and the person can have a deep sleep.        

Where to buy these stones

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