How to Make Your Hookah Taste Fresh

How to Make Your Hookah Taste Fresh

Sometimes, we may overhear any talks that certain hookah tastes bad. This comment may make us feel bad because a good and ideal hookah should never give a bad experience to the users. This hookah should be tasty. It should offer a good moment of relaxation, instead of leaving a burning sensation on the throat.

There is no exact science that will tell us about how to make your hookah correctly. However, we can help you find some useful tips on how you can make the hookah taste fresh. You can follow some of these easy tips below for getting the best benefits from your hookah.

1.Use a combination of ice and cold water

This is the first tip that you can follow, especially if you want to make your hookah tastes fresh and good. This is a fundamental principle during hookah preparation.

The water will get warmer in the bottle when you are smoking. Therefore, you don’t want to use warm water for preparing your hookah.

It will get even warmer when you use warm water for preparing your hookah. You can also add a few cubes of ice to the bottle. The ice will melt slowly, so you can keep the water temperature maintained under control.

2.Only use wet and fresh tobacco with good quality

If you want to make your hookah has a fresh taste, you may want to take a look at this tip. You should ensure that the tobacco is maintained in good quality. you can store the tobacco in a dry place.

Don’t expose this tobacco the direct sunlight because the sunlight will cause some damages to certain components in the tobacco. Fresh tobacco will deliver the best flavor for you to try. Some sellers offer high-quality tobacco for all customers, so you can buy any of your favorite tobacco from these sellers.

3.Blow some air out

This is another useful tip that you can follow easily. if you want to make your hookah taste fresh every time, you may want to blow some air out from the hookah from time to time. Blowing out means that you can blow to the hose, so you will blow the air to move to the bottle.

The air will travel through the valve and ventilate the pipe. Blowing out will also replace the old smoke with the new one. However, you need to ensure that you should never blow too hard. Blowing too hard will move the water to the bowl immediately and ruin everything.

4.Use the right amount of tobacco

Sometimes, you may want to push the limits by adding too much tobacco to the system. However, you need to understand that you should use the right amount of tobacco in your hookah.

“Less is more” will be the main principle of preparing your hookah bowl. you should never exaggerate by adding too much tobacco to the bottle. You can use a vortex or the phunnel bowl for preventing the tobacco juice from getting into the vase or bottle. This tip will help you preserve the fresh taste of the hookah.

5.Have a good heat management system

The heat management procedure is very useful to help the tobacco to be heated and baked properly. It will prevent the system from burning the tobacco uncontrollably. You need to have the right balance of the tinfoil layers and the total amount of charcoal. Traditional hookahs usually need fewer layers (which are around 1 – 4 layers).

A good heat management system will also keep the heat inside the chamber efficiently. You need to understand that different steam stones, tobaccos, or gels may have a different baking temperature.

6.Take good care of your hookah

If you want to have a fresh taste of hookah, you need to take care of your hookah. You need to clean this hookah every time you are done with the hookah session.

Always wash the stem, bottle, and bowl regularly, so you can ensure the overall quality of this hookah.

If you don’t clean all parts of your hookah, the smoke or burnt tobacco will remain on the hookah. It will make the hookah taste bad. You can also rinse the hose with warm water for getting a pleasant smell from this hose.

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