My Father in Law Supported Me Every Time: This is How Every Father in Law Should be For Every Daughter in Law

My Father in Law Supported Me Every Time: This is How Every Father in Law Should be For Every Daughter in Law

Mostly it is seen that fathers-in-law are supportive than mothers-in-law towards their son-in-law. Not a definite thing though but just a general idea for which I have asked a number of fathers-in-law. Every creature, insect, and thing has a relationship with someone and something. It is the law because without you could not survive. It becomes a bit hard. That’s why we are in various relationships and we keep swing back and forth in it. Every relationship in life is important whether of a father-in-law or others.

A good and genuine relationship is what we crave, perhaps more than anything. In every relationship there is friendship. It is the pillar of it. Some kind of it is always there, so as in a relationship with your father-in-law.

Father in law, it is the father after your after when you get married you come to know him. I am saying all this because my sister who recently got married to a good man, was telling me about her father-in-law, who is the same as our father and one of the best men she has in her husband’s house on whom she can rely and trust. It is really just so much relaxing for my sister because she is really much attached to our father, and I happy that she found a real father in her father-in-law who always supports her in all her takings whatever she wants to.

She says he is much support of her than his son. It means my sister always has a winning streak. When my sister got married at that time period she was preparing for her MBA too but could not give exams due to her marriage which was an arranged affair but an immediate one.

Her husband was about to go to America and before that he wanted to marry because my sister and her husband both knew each other from their college days. Friendship was there but they did not love was. They both were busy with their studies and didn’t get time for all these flings. So years of distance came and they went to different lanes.

After a number of years of being apart, even though they had not thought they would ever meet, they met in their MBA classes. It was after four years and from there likeness and a bit kind of love increased. Her husband was a senior and had passed his MBA exams and got the job too. Now you know how this story is.

After getting the job in America, he didn’t want to delay so he proposed to my sister for marriage and that is how this a little bit dull story went ahead. When he went to the states, my sister requested and asked her father-in-law to continue her studies of MBA, which she could not due to the marriage, her father-in-law immediately agreed and approved it. And he said to her that she doesn’t need to ask anything and can do what she likes especially when the matters come to study.

Recently on the birthday of her father in law where we also were invited, she described and told about him in beautiful lines that how her father-in-law supported her in every way and how she is thankful to him for everything. He also said she is like his own daughter and it was really emotionally mesmerizing.

If you also want to say something beautiful for your father-in-law on his birthday then you can take some lines from birthday wishes for father in law, which is a good collection of birthday wishes that you admire when you read them. As it is said daughters are for life, I think fathers-in-law for daughters for life too!

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