Online Matrimonial Rishta Website for Male, Female Marriage in Pakistan

Online Matrimonial Rishta Website for Male, Female Marriage in Pakistan

Are you tired of calling Online rishta aunties again and again and hear their changing demands to find you the best rishta in Pakistan? From being hopeful of finding your perfect rishta to being depressed of not finding any rishta, things can get pretty serious for you and your family.

Will these rishta aunties stop coming to your home or contacting you? Never. They will keep marketing their services and would be adding you to their groups as a trophy.

Whether you get a rishta or not, you will be spammed with rishtas which are not even related to your requirements. With such diversity in our country, we all have our set of requirements which should be followed.

They can be religious, caste based or region based as well. Not to forget, the class system is one another filter that a lot of rishta aunties do not understand. So in these times of distress and with very limited options, what can one do?

The answer is simple. It is no longer the time when we have to do everything the traditional way. Yes, your marriage can have all the rituals (rasam) but your search for the rishta does not have to be traditional.

By using the internet to find your best rishta, you can settle down much faster without going through the tormenting pressure from the rishta aunties. How you ask? Matrimonial websites offer online rishta for male and online rishta for females as well. So by finding your rishta online, you can save time, extra money and find the perfect life partner. is the most trusted online matrimonial website operating since 2003. We have helped people find rishtas online and connected thousands of families from all corners of Pakistan and the globe through our services for the overseas Pakistanis as well. How to get started on Let us guide through the simple steps. 

Easy Sign Up Process:

The first and most important step is to sign up on our website. The process of registering on the website is simple just like any other social media profile.

All you have to do is to fill the profile info and add your pictures. For the ladies, we blur the pictures to protect their privacy. For the males too, if they want us to be available to only verified profiles, the regular profiles cannot view their pictures as well.

This process takes some minutes but filling the information accurately and making sure your profile is interesting is the prime thing to keep in mind. This can help increase your visitors and help you find a rishta quickly.

So make sure you upload your recent pictures, add accurate information and act courteously with the people who message you to have higher chances towards getting a good online rishta.

The profile approval takes some hours unless something needs to be clarified with the team. Once approved, you will be live to thousands of our rishtas seeking someone like you.

Thousands of Potential Rishtas:

Our website has been operating for more than a decade now. The rishtas on our profile are in thousands and from all corners of the world. Whatever your requirements would be, there will be someone who would match with you.

Packages for All Classes and Sects:

We offer all types of rishta packages for all the classes, and for all sects. Our profiles clearly show the sects and religion on the profile as well as the caste.

This makes it easier for people looking to marry within their own caste or a specific sect. All these options are provided to cater our online marriage bureau for all types of people, and help them find the best rishta in Pakistan.

Expert Matchmakers:

Our matchmakers have been helping people find the perfect matches for them. They have industry experience in matchmaking and they expedite your process of finding the rishta.

Because they have the data of all the profiles on our platform, they can easily filter down the potential rishtas for you much faster. Also, if you are someone who cannot give this rishta search a lot of time, these matchmakers can help you greatly. From the selection to fixing the date of the first meeting, they can be your personal assistants.

24/7 Customer Support Team

Our team is always online for your questions. We also have a chat option if you wish to start a live chat with our dedicated members.

If you want, you can leave us an email or call us within the office hours at the phone numbers mentioned on the contact us page. There are just too many options for both queries and the technical support on your profile.

Now that you know the services and features of, you are more aware and ready to try your online rishta.  If yes, then is an all-in-one online matrimonial solution for your rishta problems in Pakistan as well as within the overseas Muslim communities. We cater to rishta in Islamabad, rishta in Lahore, and rishta in Karachi.

Our website, facebook group and page, and our whatsapp groups are all integrated evenly to provide you a swift experience in finding the perfect rishta for yourself, your siblings, friends, sons and daughters or anyone needing the best rishta for a lovely married love in the future.

Our consultants are trained experts with years of experience in helping people of all backgrounds find their perfect rishtas in Pakistan. We not only cater Pakistan but also the international Muslim community and spread throughout the globe. To find more about our premium consultant service for expedited options for your rishta search or to register your profile on our website, please visit

So, are you ready to find the best rishta on our online matrimonial website? Let us find you the best life partner you can have from our registered. And verified members actively in search of rishtas like you. Let’s get started!  

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