Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Baby!

Tips To Take Good Care Of Your Baby!

The wait is finally over and you cannot wait to hold your little one in your arms. It seems so surreal, does not it? At the same time, you are too nervous and fidgety to do all the normal things for your baby with the same comfort you have for yourself. The thought of bathing or changing your baby for the first time can make you nervous. Do not worry about caring for your newborn. We will give you some valuable tips on how to care for your newborn. It is very important to know how to care for newborns before the baby is born. To help you with this, Mylo Pregnancy and Parenthood app is a complete solution to understand the journey of pregnancy and parenthood. It helps you through all stages of this beautiful journey and offers support from other moms in the community as well as advice from experts.

Tips for caring for newborns

  • The right hold is important

Newborns may seem delicate and fragile to you. But do not be afraid to touch and hold your little one. One study shows that a baby held for about two hours a day thrives better and cries less. So, take your time with your baby and hold him or her with confidence.

  • The dreadful bath time

Bathing the baby is one of the biggest challenges for new mothers. You can watch different videos to learn how to bathe your baby. Make sure you have all the bathing utensils ready before you undress the baby. Most importantly, make sure you choose the right products for your baby. Educate yourself before applying anything to your baby’s skin.

  • Time for diaper change

Many new parents do not know how to change diapers or how many diapers to change per day. To make it easier, stock up on enough diapers before you bring your baby home. Do not forget diaper rash. Most children ages 0-2 develop diaper rash. When you notice the first signs of redness, immediately apply a safe and effective cream to treat the rash. A doctor can advise you on the right product to use.

  • The Discomfort

On average, a baby cries for almost 2 hours a day during the first 3 months. This is normal for any baby. To comfort your baby, you must first find out the cause of his discomfort. Many reasons can be responsible for your baby’s crying.

  1. The baby could be hungry
  2. It could have gas
  3. He needs to be changed
  4. The baby needs a nap
  5. The baby could be overstimulated by noise, lights, or activities

The reason could be any of the above. You just need to figure it out. If you do not understand the reason for crying, consult a doctor or take help from older women in the family.

  • Massage Magic

Research has shown that massages soothe the body and make your baby feel comfortable. This improves the baby’s sleep and makes him less irritable. There are several videos on the internet that you can use to learn a good massage technique. Massage is not possible without a safe and effective oil. So, choose something that is good for your baby. It is better to consult a doctor.

  • Feed Time

We all know that there is nothing better for a newborn baby than breast milk. Full of nutrients – just made for an infant. Unfortunately, sometimes mothers cannot breastfeed their babies. This may be due to medical reasons or other special circumstances. In such cases, you need to ask your pediatrician about the best way to feed your newborn. Follow your doctor’s advice and let your baby burp frequently, because babies usually swallow air during feedings, which can make them restless. Try burping after every 2-3 ounces (60-90 milliliters) when you bottle feed and every time you switch breasts when you breastfeed.

  • Getting the sleep cycle right

Understanding an infant’s sleep habits is not easy. Ideally, an infant sleeps 16 hours a day. Like adults, your baby will develop his or her own sleep patterns and cycles. But remember: always place your baby on his or her back when sleeping to reduce the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). It’s not easy to understand what your baby wants because he cannot talk. Either it cries or it smiles. But with time, you will learn how to take care of your baby.


We hope these tips on caring for newborns are helpful to you. We all know that dealing with a newborn is very difficult, especially for a new mother. So, download the app and subscribe to it. This app and its features are absolutely free. So, get started and get a reliable community by your side to help you during your pregnancy.

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