7 Things to Do Before Baby’s Arrival: Ultimate Guide for Pregnant Woman

7 Things to Do Before Baby’s Arrival: Ultimate Guide for Pregnant Woman

Congratulations on the happy news! It’s the most wonderful time in a woman’s life. Nausea, morning sickness and other symptoms may distress for a while, but the joy of waiting after nine months is beyond words. It’s not only the time for having fun, but there are important things to look at, from maternity activewear to baby needs. Here is the bucket list to do after the nauseous days and before the baby pops out.

1. Girls Only Trip

It’s the time to have fun with girl buddies. Pregnant women need every second of their lives filled with joy, and being with their friends brings all the love in the world. The first trimester would not be easy for everyone but plan a less daring tour in the second one. It would be better if the trip needs less travel. Distance doesn’t matter unless it is relaxing and refreshing. Simple gossip will be rejuvenating. A girls party to chit chat or play games are also considerable.

2. Workouts

In the first trimester, workouts might seem impossible. Join the session again and buy new maternity activewear. Working out always helps mothers to be active the whole day and to have a better sleep.

3. Prenatal Class

Parenting is not a silly thing that should be approached without proper learning and understanding. Joining a prenatal class would provide sets of tips and techniques to be followed during pregnancy and parenthood. Also, these classes would create positivity around the mind and body so that the mother can stay happy. There will be plenty of options like aerobic sessions and yoga classes. The advantage of attending these sessions is that the mother will meet more people who go through the same situation, and slowly a social circle of mothers is formed. When the baby arrives, another circle of kids is formed. Even after the baby arrives, swimming, yoga and aerobics could be continued.

4. Spa Time

To feel good, find some spa time. Makeovers and hairdressing feel good. Prenatal massage will provide relaxation from pains. It also relaxes the mind. An amazing foot massage is also a good option.

5. Shopping

It’s time to fulfil every shopping cravings! If the second trimester does not create discomfort, get out of the house to buy some amazing stuff. Good maternity clothes, including activewear, would provide positivity. There are varieties of comfortable maternity activewear in the market now. Or change the interior setting of the house to feel the change. Take the girls gang too so that it becomes the best therapy for the mother. Do not forget to do the preparatory shopping for the little cupcake arriving soon.

6. Food Cravings

A peaceful meal might seem like a dream after the baby’s arrival. This is the time to fulfil every craving for food and desserts. Nausea and body ache in the first two trimesters won’t let the mothers have their favourites. In the third trimester, don’t hesitate to binge the cravings. Find every lip-smacking delicacy and have them as much.

7. Capture Memories

Capturing moments is as important as making memories. Plan a fun photoshoot. Get clicked with the baby bump with perfect poses. This could be a solo, couple or group photoshoot. Photoshoots create memories for the mother and babies to relive the beautiful moments again.

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