What To Do On Engineers Day

What To Do On Engineers Day

Engineers play a vital role in our life. That is why we have a dedicated Engineers Day.

Can you ever think of a life without engineers?

No. Every day, everything we see and experience is made by some engineer.

I know some people who have followed their passion of becoming an engineer and done great things in their life that made our life a bit easy. From safety pins to airplanes and the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower, all of these marvels have been made and designed by engineers.

To celebrate all the precious engineers in our lives and encourage them to help build a better world, UNESCO has dedicated the 4th of March as International Engineers Day every year.

To commemorate, you can buy unique gifts for engineers or spend this day with the engineer you know. However, it is hard to plan a day for an engineer. To help you, I have listed down what to do on Engineer’s Day. 

Engineers Day Celebration Ideas

1. Gaming Contest

Most of the engineers I have encountered in my life love games. Be it outdoor, indoor, or computer games, they always love healthy competition. Ask your engineer friends out and go to a game parlor.

Get individual PCs and sit for hours to play nerve-wrenching video games.

You can choose from a wide range of games, like Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed, or FIFA. Also, if your friend loves to play outdoor games, go for a match of Tennis. It will brighten up the day.

And if the engineer in your life is in love with indoor games, make them choose between chess, monopoly, or cards. 

2. City walk

Everybody loves to know their field of interest better, so do the engineers. If you plan to do something for your engineer friend, you can arrange a city walk with them to visit all the architectural and engineering marvels in your locality.

Your friend will love to spend a lazy afternoon seeing the things that interest them. Also, it shows that you care for them. 

3. Wine tasting

Engineers spend their whole week in busy schedules. It will be beautiful if they get to spend a day on a short trip. On engineer’s day, you can take your engineer friend to a nearby winery.

You can walk through the vine orchards and sip the best wines in the solitary winery. 

4. Plan for a Concert

March is springtime, and lots of musicians do their live events during this time. If your engineer friend is enthusiastic about music, surprise them with a ticket to the concert of their favorite artists.

It always feels special to go to a live music concert. Take your friend out for the evening and take them to the concert of their favorite artists.

Be it Aerosmith or Coldplay; your engineer friend will burst in joy. 

5. Seminar

If your engineer friend is dedicated to their work and love what they do, most likely your friend is a geek. If that’s true, a thing that will cheer your friend up is a seminar.

Look out for good seminars on their subject, preferably of a veteran scientist or an architect. Surprise them with the booked ticket for them.

Final thoughts on Engineers Day

Engineers day is a great initiative to show love and respect to all our beloved engineers. They work hard to make our lives a bit easier. All of the ideas mentioned above for you are great options to choose for engineers’ day.

Above all, be compassionate and respectful to all the engineers you meet in your life.

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