What to Expect From Chakra Reading Session?
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What to Expect From Chakra Reading Session?

What to Expect From Chakra Reading Session?

Before we start, let’s talk about chakra first. Chakra is basically an energy center which is present in our body. Our body consists of seven such energy centers along our spine. For the proper functioning of our body, all of these chakra points should be in proper equilibrium. Any imbalances can cause several interruptions in our energy flow which further cause mental and physical disturbance to our mind and body.

How does chakra balancing session work?

Chakra is like a spinning disk of energy. Our body consists of seven major chakra points and twenty-one minor chakra points. Chakra runs from the top of our head down to the endpoint of our spine. All seven major chakra points are present along the spine.

A body to be in balanced conditions, all the chakra disk should be spinning in b alanced way at the same speed. But whenever a chakra disk spins slow or fast or stops spinning, it causes imbalances in energy flow in the body, which means you have a blockage in your energy flow.

During a chakra reading session, the practitioner analyses the energy flow and its equilibrium and if they found a blockage or imbalance, they remove it and evens out the flows.

After removal of the blockage, you will feel light and stress-free.

Setting Up for a Chakra Reading Session

Based on the personal experiences shared by people, the chakra reading session basically explains the vessel of chakra in a crystal clear way along with various examples. The therapist may use crystal pendulum for the conduction of chakra reading as the process is known as “master healer”. Master healer absorbs, releases, stores, and regulates energy in the body and mind. This regulated energy reflects the lights of a prism which shows the dignity and integrity of the chakras.

The crystal pendulum clears the energies with the help of an essential after this process chakra reading becomes more effective. Therapist practices to sage the area around both so that the chakras get proper space. Basically, the therapist and the person undergoing through the chakra session can select the essential oil of their choice and position themselves properly for the reading.

What do we learn from Chakra Sessions

Once the person gets properly situated during the chakra session, the therapist explains the crystal clearing of every chakra, the therapist goes slowly one at a time for the clearance which relaxes the person’s body and mind inside out like magic.

The crystal clear pendulum moves around the body slowly in different ways to gain specific energies from the center of the body. The clockwise movement of the pendulum shows that the specific chakra is open now for the positivity. If the chakra is unbalanced, it means it needs more processing and more work for the proper working of chakra. Moreover, no movements of pendulum show that the chakra is blocked.

No movements from the chakra basically signify that something is still unsettled or can be said the turmoil state.

Learn Mini-Lessons from Chakra Reading Sessions

More understanding and practice with chakra reading sessions allow us to understand more about our body and mind for wellness. The therapist explains that the chakra reading sessions begin from the root to top which builds the chakras.

The blockage of chakras reflects that there are imbalances that need fixing in the body. Along with this, you might learn various mini-lessons from the chakra reading session.

Get Comfortable and Live the Moment

It totally depends on how imbalanced and blocked the chakras are, the session takes time in such situations. Prolonged sessions are really effective and known to be a good thing so remove all the shyness and try to get comfortable. The session may take 75 minutes to 90 minutes. In the session, the therapist provides a lot of information based on the chakras. So, try to grasp all the information during the session.

You can also get comfortable with the use of props like blankets, blocks, or anything available in the space which will help you to increase the comfy level. The more you will feel relaxed, the more you will live in the present moment and more improved reading is going to be.

Listening and talking both goes end to end

The spinning of the crystal will explain about the opening of the chakras. From this moment, your therapist may start asking you questions. Prepare yourself to give the answers and feel more comfortable. Just try to be present at the moment and answer everything in the way it is. All you need to focus and try to listen to what your session reader is trying to explain. Don’t let the conversation go one ended, you can also ask questions from the therapist. I bet after the session you are going to feel more relaxed and clear-headed.

I hope this blog helps you to understand how cthe hakra rreadingsession works for you.

Thanks for reading!


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