Employee Must-Haves to Ensure Before Issuing the Appointment Letter

Employee Must-Haves to Ensure Before Issuing the Appointment Letter

Out of all the wide range of operations that an HR professional performs, hiring or recruitment of a new employee is the most challenging. There are several concerns including the onboarding, training, positioning in the hierarchy, budget management among others that the employers need to take care of once they decide to enroll a new face in the system. Now whether you have to search, read or inquire about how to do the recruitment right, it is extremely crucial to analyze and scrutinize the one you are letting in. Companies face huge losses if they recruit an unsuitable or wrong person and can’t do anything but regret later. So yes, a comprehensive observation of the candidate is a must before selecting them and giving them a green signal in the final round! Mentioned below are some of the prevalent traits that you need to look for in your employee before saying the big ‘Yes’ and issuing the joining letter to them: 

Core Competencies

These include the set of professional skills, acquired knowledge and innate/ developed capabilities that an employee must possess from his/ her past experiences. The core competencies showcased by a candidate during the screening determine his/ her performance, progress and success in an organization later. So, when you are interviewing a person sitting in front of you, the first thing to look for is the level of proficiency in performing core tasks of the concerned job. 

Personal/ Professional Achievements

No matter how much we say that rewards and recognition do not matter as long as you complete your targets but they always add weight to your resume. So, it is imperative to see how a candidate stands out of the crowd by assessing how much he/ she has accomplished as a professional in the past. You can easily understand if the candidates are worthy of being hired by counting the achievements and the awards/ recognition they have acquired in their personal ventures or in the previous companies. Once you are sure of their capabilities, you can download a standard appointment letter format and send it across.

Legal Hireability

Many applicants come with heavy baggage at your door. Sometimes the mistakes they have made in the past can be ignored and worked upon, but there are times when the offenses are unavoidable. For instance, if someone was charged with infringement, felony or any kind of punishable offense then you better beware of the trouble they might bring to your workplace. 

Employment History

There is history that cannot be changed and then there is employment history that cannot be neglected. It needs to be clean and most importantly, relevant. So, open the doors to welcome new joiners, make sure they possess relevant experience and have a clear background. Those who lack an apposite employment history can prove to be incompetent and may be harmful to your organization at a later stage. So, it’s better you should keep an eye on it beforehand.

Interpersonal Skills

These are the soft skills of a person that define their specific character and personality. As much as it is important to hire someone with the core competencies, it is necessary to bring one with decent conduct and behavior. So, as soon as you find the perfect blend of knowledge and etiquette in a person, go download a standard offer letter format in word from HR One and issue it immediately with them. If not, in the beginning, you will definitely realize it later in time how valuable an employee with strong interpersonal skills can prove to be.   

Vision And Ambition

It is your responsibility to groom and impart knowledge to the employees after hiring them. But, to grow in an organization and reach a certain level, they should possess at least some traits for deserving such a position. Now, you can analyze how passionate and ambitious a candidate is by taking small tests during the interview. This is one of the final, most important aspects you need to check before sharing the joining letter with a shortlisted candidate.

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