How To Remove Negative Reviews Online

How To Remove Negative Reviews Online

The importance of online reviews is well understood by small business owners from various industries like food and fashion. Since some critical evaluations make broad generalizations about specific events or products among the crowd, they should not be ignored ever. Consumers are influenced greatly by the opinions of complete strangers they never met in life. For firms trying to maintain a positive public image, understanding how these reviews and their associated platforms work is crucial.Among the many things about online review, the one we mostly get queries for is: how can I remove negative reviews from my brand? For which we shall look into solutions now!

Now before we jump into the details, we need to let you know first there is no one definite solution when it comes to erasing negative reviews. But don’t worry. There are a bunch of methods and tricks that we follow diligently at Eon 8 to remove the online negative reviews. This will definitely help you brand from the troubles. 

1. Turn the tables:

Take a step back before you start flagging critical reviews to see if the negative reviews are worth erasing. If your company genuinely made a mistake, it’s important to admit it, apologize, and see what you can do to put things right. Once their complaint has been addressed, nearly 30% of customers will go back and withdraw a negative review.  Turning the tables gives your brand a chance to regain a lost customer and attract future potential customers too.If someone has submitted a fake review, make sure to respond. Add facts to your response, whether it’s receipts or statements from coworkers, customers, or other reliable sources. Remember to be compassionate at all times; this shows other potential consumers that you’re willing to go the extra mile. Always try to take the conversation offline, even if the fake review is phoney, rude, or inappropriate. Give them your contact info so they can reach out to you and let them know you’re willing to help them. Keep in mind that these reviews are being viewed by other people, even if they are bogus or spam. When they witness that your business cares about your review response, they may not bother about the negative review oftentimes too. 

2. Use Separate IP Addresses:

 When a client posts many bogus reviews from the same IP address, search engines and review sites will flag them as spam. It seems obvious that reporting dishonest reviews from different IP addresses would give your efforts to remove the credibility of that particular review. Using the same method on Google has shown to be successful for many brands.

3. Filing a Legal Request:

If everything else fails, there is one last option to remove negative reviews online. Because defamation is illegal, you can file a legal removal request if a review appears to be a case of alleged slander of your brand. This last option is useful for defamatory and fake reviews. Sites like Google consider illegal reviews very seriously and it may send the notice to the ‘alleged defamer’. 

4. Optimizing the Review Management Strategy:

Negative reviews can be a pain for businesses, but they aren’t always terrible. When a company has a mix of positive and unfavorable reviews, 68% of customers trust it more. As a result, it’s critical for companies to implement a review management plan to track and respond to all reviews regardless of their nature. Responding publicly to negative reviews allows your company to demonstrate that it cares and wants to make things right.

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