The New Britannia “High-tech” Gold Coin Can Be a Golden Scope as Stocks Falls

The New Britannia “High-tech” Gold Coin Can Be a Golden Scope as Stocks Falls

In a time when the market is experiencing an unexpected surge in gold’s price and increased demand for gold, a new Britannia “high-tech” gold coin turned up. The coin is expected to appeal collectors as the price of gold is evidently on its way to reach new record levels.

It is indeed an excellent time for those who own scrap gold or any unwanted gold jewellery and want to raise fast money. You can sell and secure the highest amount of cash for gold at present.

Nonetheless, the new Britannia 24ct one troy ounce of the gold coin comes with micro detailing. If you see the waves in the coin’s background from various angles, they will appear to roll. Now, the interesting fact is that –

The coin is offered to exhibit such an illusion of moving waves as a security measure, thereby making it more challenging for counterfeiters to replicate.

However, the new Britannia gold coin also features a disk at the bottom of the majestic figure’s dress, acting as a hologram. You can view a trident or padlock on it, based on from which angle you are looking at it.

Furthermore, the inner circle of the gold coin comes with the engraving “Decus et Tutamen” – meaning “an ornament and a safeguard”.

Well, earlier Britannia coins have increased in sales in the last six months. It costs around £1,600, in comparison to £860, that was before five years. However, the prices of these coins may fall; so investors stay alert!

Reasons behind the Current Appeal of Gold Coins

Gold is perceived as a “safe-haven” asset, and this reputation is significantly responsible for today’s appeal of gold coins. Concerns regarding the world’s economy are increasing day by day. And in such a time, investors are looking for the comfort of gold.

On August 6, gold’s prices peaked at nearly £1,574 per troy ounce. Although it has depreciated little to about £1,454, it is yet almost 23% up in one year.

The director of research at BullionVault, Adrian Ash asserted –

“Though gold has come down from its record high, this does not mean the rally is necessarily over. We have potential economic conflict with China looming, the unpredictable fallout of the US election in November and Brexit in the New Year to contend with – and still, no one knows where the Covid crisis will take us. We are living in uncertain times, and holding gold in a diversified investment portfolio makes good sense.”

Like every Britannia coin, Inland Revenue considers the new “high-tech” Britannia gold coin as legal currency. Thus, capital securing tax on profits will not have to be paid by the investors. Additionally, they also have not to pay any value-added tax.

The face value of such coin is about £100. But you have to pay nearly £1,600 because of the value of the gold contained in it.

However, Adrian Ash warns the investors by saying –

“Do not be tempted by coins that come with fancy packaging, are backed with slick adverts and are special editions.”

The Royal Mint, a government-owned mint producing coins for the United Kingdom, has “Queen’s Beast” collection. It consists of coins like the “Black Bull”, priced at nearly £2,000. Moreover, the mint is also known to have recently launched a James Bond bullion bar.

However, whatever coins you wish to invest in, keep in mind to choose the one that will help you to sell your gold asset in future easily.

Significant Considerations

Whether you plan to buy or sell gold coins, it is essential to hover around for the best price before finally deciding on a particular place. Even in the pre-owned market, you will find many gold dealers near you but choosing the right one will enable you to seal a deal with confidence.

However, keeping the current gold’s price surge in mind, there is perhaps a no better time to sell gold, especially the ones that you do not wear any longer or are old-fashioned. You can merely make some excellent gains by unlocking your unwanted gold’s value today.

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