How Is The Weather In Hyderabad During The Summer?

How Is The Weather In Hyderabad During The Summer?

Firstly, you have to know the Climate of Hyderabad if you are thinking of visiting this city. Because this is the city known to have different climatic conditions in a year. Each season produces its full-fledged impact in this region. If you plan a trip to Hyderabad city anytime during the summer, make sure to know the current weather, most importantly, when you are visiting with family members. The average wind direction in Hyderabad undergoes significant seasonal change over the year.

Because it is the fastest-growing metropolitan city in India, it holds a moderate climate during the year. Hyderabad has a different combination of tropical dry & wet climate that joins on hot, dry weather. The atmosphere is pleasant in the months of October and February. March-May months may be uncomfortable because of extreme heat. In the season of July-September, the climate is warm & humid, which is most inconvenient.

Generally, summer in Hyderabad begins in March and continues up to the end of May or mid-June. During this period, the maximum temperature in the city is between 35°C-40°C, especially in May, the temperature will rise to 40 degrees celsius in this season. The average weather in Hyderabad will normally be 25°C. 

Which Is The Hottest Month In Hyderabad?

The extreme heat will be in May month, by an average high-temperature of 39°C and an average low-temperature of 26.2°C. But these extremes temperature scale will remain only for a couple of weeks. And for the rest of the months, the Hyderabad Temperature will be comfortable with 25-30°C. Yes, these temperatures are comfortable for people living in Hyderabad. 

Throughout June month in Hyderabad, the overall length of each day is quite constant. The shortest day in June is 1st, with 13 hours, and 6 minutes with daylight, and the longest day is on 20th June, with 13 hours, and 10 minutes of daylight.

Hyderabad will stay at plateau place; that doesn’t get any rainfall mostly. Except in monsoon when every hell can cut loose sometimes. But, not several times can be seen with rain in the remaining seasons.

Is Hyderabad Hotter Compared To Delhi?

Yes, Hyderabad is extremely hot compared to Delhi because it has the sun at a high temperature. Also, in Hyderabad city, there is no sea nearby, and the atmosphere is filled with high pollution. In winter, the temperature drops lower in Delhi compared to Hyderabad.

Why Is Hyderabad So Hot In Summer?

Telangana lies within Interior Peninsular India, which is closer to the Tropic of Cancer. This state lies under latitudes that rays with the extreme sun nearly perpendicular throughout the summer season. Thus, Hyderabad city gets warmed up at a high rate and higher temperatures.

At present, it seems so far to be hinted at Hyderabad weather forecast conditions becoming harsher and frustrating hot summer. The city has already started seeing high temperatures, and it is expected that the temperature will keep rising as the months go by. It is expected that the temperature will get as high as 40 degrees Celsius by the end of the month.

Moreover, the temperature in the day may be up, but nights it becomes warmer, which is when the minimum temperatures reach almost 30°C between March to May.

Hyderabad is one of the cities where the temperature keeps rising every year. The scientists at Environmental protection and training research institute inspected the impacts of Climate change of Hyderabad. In that, it has proven that Hyderabad is becoming hot with some unplanned urbanization, the distraction of greenery, and also due to massive emission of greenhouse gases. 


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