Nayara Energy: Growing towards Sustainability

Nayara Energy: Growing towards Sustainability

Nayara Energy as the renowned downstream oil company has taken the production of crude to new horizons in India. As the second-largest producer of the crude oil, through its Vadinar refinery in Gujrat, Nayara Energy contributes to massive 8 per cent of India’s total refining capacity. The well-designed oil refineries of Nayara Energy are constructed for taking forward the hydrocarbon value chain from refining to retailing with the vision of delivering crude to chemicals.

As a prominent refinery in India, Essar Oil recently transformed into Nayara Energy representing fresh ideas, principles and approach. This has been a major move by the company after the acquisition by Rosneft, the world’s largest public oil and Gas Company by liquid hydrocarbon production and reserves, and Trafigura and UCP Investment Group in 2017.

Nayara Energy’s vision is not only limited to its refineries. As an accomplished producer in the oil and gas sector, it is expanding its retail market of petrol pump dealership by providing top quality petrol and a variety of diesel to its retail outlets. It is assisting the dealers through excellent taechnical guidance and support that has helped in upholding the reputation of the company which it has garnered over the years.

The petrochemical hub of India

The investment of USD 850 million for the expansion of Vadinar refinery was a collaborative initiative where Nayara licensed UNIPOL PP Process Technology from W.R. Grace and Co. The main agenda was to broaden the range of phthalate-free products from the 20-MMTPA refinery in India. The demand for petrochemical business is growing all over the world and to become a vital factor for this growth Nayara Energy and Grace collaborated where the Grace’s all gas-phase UNIPOL@ PP Process Technology will provide homopolymer and random polymers. This cost-effective Process technology will help in developing phthalate-free products for meeting the customer needs in the petrochemical market globally.

Safety Standards

Refining of petroleum or running multiple retail outlets is not only the significant objective of the organization. They believe in developing and maintain safety standards for better health and sustainable contribution to the environment. It is one of the first petroleum refineries which has adopted Occupational Health and Safety Management System in India. The Process Safety Management System includes Chemical safety Management, Hazard Identification, and Risk Analysis, Management of Change, and Asset Reliability. The effectiveness of the risk control system is also measured through the mock-drills conducted under the Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan.

Investment in Social Sector

Nayara Energy is not only expanding as one of the largest oil refineries in India but also putting forward its investment in the social sector. Nayara Energy is also serving a philanthropic initiative by working in the areas of livelihood, Education, and Health & Sanitation by investing in the upliftment of the marginalised people in Gujrat.

In the field of Health and Sanitation: Nayara Energy’s Community Health Project provides primary healthcare services, pathological facilities, and an emergency response system ensures doorstep facilities to more than 50,000 patients across 15 villages.

In the field of Education: Multiple initiatives like Acumen Fellowship, Gramshiksha, and Navtar Centre of Education Innovation have been introduced where people are involved in promoting education in most rural sectors.

In the field of Livelihood: Gramsamruddhi by Nayara Energy covers the agenda of providing livelihood opportunities through skill training and saving credit groups, agriculture and animal husbandry development, and water and soil conservation. Women empowerment is also promoted as a primary objective through establishment of small micro-enterprises.

Nayara Energy is a company that is working holistically to help India grow its stake in the global energy market. Variety of services are available with opportunities for newcomers to apply for a petrol pump and join hands with Nayara for a petroleum dealership partnership. The growth as a petrochemical hub and investment in the social sector has generated a lot of appreciation and successful development of the Indian economy in the oil and gas sector.

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