8 Pro Packing and Moving Advices for a Last-Minute Move!

8 Pro Packing and Moving Advices for a Last-Minute Move!

Have you dumped the good old moving plan, you made months ago? The plan that was meant for your move from Agra to Ankleshwar for a business set up, but somehow got stalled because of the shift in your work schedule, followed by the unavailability of the moving professionals? Well, now that the scenario has changed and the plan is again up and active, all you need to do is, find the desired team of packers and movers in Agra, and fulfil a few immediate responsibilities sooner. But, if you are stressing over it and couldn’t find a way through it, then here are 8 things you must do to make your move an amazing one, despite planning it in a rush!

• Be proactive and begin:

Even when you are in a rush, and have no time to delve deeper into things, there is a way you can manage your move pretty well. Emergency moves are not always a failure, they at times come out better than a regular, well-planned move. For that, all one needs to do is have some clever moving tips and strategies in mind that would not only take care of the planning efficiently but also help in saving the little amount of time you are left with. The primary tip of that checklist is to be extremely active and involved in the process. This is no time to ponder over things, rather get on the floors and start working on it.

• Sort, choose, and set up:

What people end up doing when they plan for the last-minute move is, they pack up every damn thing that is there in their place and move it to the new home, which is genuinely the right thing to do. People complain of time crunch and stress built up, to support their situation but the fact is, the more stuff you bring in without sorting and de-cluttering, the more trash you accumulate in your spring clean, fresh home. So spare some time from your packed schedule to invest in scrutinizing your stuff so you can only pack the items you need. To make it easier, you can first pick out all the necessary stuff from the lots, and pack them. This way you shall be left with articles that you do not need.

• Get into your research:

Since you are relocating in a hurry, your move might become overwhelming with an overload of tasks. This can also create chaos and you can miss out on some of the crucial things. So, make sure you book the packing professionals from a genuine company on time. Do check out reviews and feedback, request quotations, compare them thoroughly, and see if the deal fulfils your moving requirements and comes within your budget. Make sure to look out for hidden fees because you are preparing for an urgent move and things might go wrong if any of your decision falls flat and goes wrong.

• Inspect the entire process:

Once the packing professionals reach your place, they will get into the packing task straightaway. All you need to make sure is your goods are cleaned, wiped, and are all prepared for the packing. Electronics should be turned off from the power, dried up and the furniture and fixtures that have the provision should be dismantled for easy handling. When the experts are actively working on your goods, you can guide them if you feel like – especially when they handle the fragile goods and other specialty items, also assist them wherever you can.

• Address responsibilities:

If you have not addressed official emails yet, haven’t yet notified the colleagues and employer either about your move, it is time for you to do that immediately. Also, notify the essential service providers for power, water, internet, cable, etc. at the earliest and ask them to get the connections reinstalled at your new address. Since you are moving to a new city, you will have to anyway get the connections back, with a fresh installation.

• Designate essentials kit:

With everything set up, and last-minute tasks well addressed, ascertain not to forget curating an essentials bag – this bag would have all your basic items like medicines, chargers, phone, cables, wallet, keys, spare clothes, some paper plates, plastic cups, and spoons, toiletries, etc. – that, is anything and everything that you might need, during the transit. Every member of your family can have one prepared by them.

• Be relaxed and have fun:

Now when your innumerable moving boxes have been delivered to your new address, and you have settled the moving expenses, it is your time to take a deep breath, all of you – including the members of your family. After all, conducting a move is not at all easy. Well, but here is some advice – make sure you do not get into the unboxing and re-arrangement process at the moment. Unpack only the priority packages – the essentials and toiletries that you cannot survive without. Set up only the to-be-used rooms, not your entire home. Have some fun over food and enjoy a sound sleep.

• Time to re-organize:

You planned in a hurry and were able to successfully pull off your move, without any chaos and mistakes. So, congratulations. Now after a week of your moving in, you might have come at ease and the newness might have faded a bit away. Great, well this is your time to get back to the organization task that you had left middle way. Make sure to tackle one place/one room at a time and finish setting it up soon. Involve others as well to speed up the unpacking and re-arrangement task and also, to make it interesting!


Packing and moving is a complicated job altogether, and the struggle seems to intensify when you have to prepare for the same, but in a hurry. Yes, there are emergency moves that call for immediate action and some brilliant hacks, like the 8 we mentioned above, and of course, assistance from the professional movers and packers in Agra, who can relatively tackle the stress out of your move and help you relocate easily.

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