Non-woven fabrics v/s Woven fabrics: Know the Difference & Take a pick

Non-woven fabrics v/s Woven fabrics: Know the Difference & Take a pick

Fabrics have been a part of mankind since ancient times. We wear clothes made out of fabrics, sit on the upholstery that is mostly fabric, and rest on sheets made out of these fabrics. However, there is another category of fabrics called non-woven fabrics that are becoming popular by the time. Non-woven bags manufacturers believe that although both of these fabrics have been around us for a long time, not many of us are fully aware of the difference between them. This article aims to discover the contrasts among woven and non-woven fabrics to help you decide which is a better option for you to opt, keeping the current environmental issues in mind.

Woven Fabrics

In weaving, over two strings run in opposite to one another, to form a pattern called wafting and warping. Warped strings run all over the length of the fabric while drift strings run sideways over the fabric and this weaving of the two strings makes a finished material called woven fabric.

Non-woven Fabrics

Non-woven materials are not exactly fabrics however they give us a look and feel of being fabrics. There is no interweaving of yarn for inward cohesion as in a woven fabric. However, there is an organized interior structure in a non-woven fabric. We have been utilizing these items for a long while now without thinking about them. Non-woven fabrics are made by setting together with a few strands and squeezing them with the help of heat and strain to make a fabric.

Which one to choose?

Non-woven fabrics are gaining popularity in the form of non-woven bags and masks, among many other products. The biggest quality that has made non-woven shopping bags become a trend is that they are customizable, reusable, and extremely durable. In addition to this, many companies have also started using non-woven shopping bags to help their brands get the perfect platform to get highlighted without having to over-invest in other marketing techniques.

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