Pharmaceutical Carton Packaging
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Pharmaceutical Carton Packaging

Pharmaceutical Carton Packaging

Pharmaceutical carton packaging, the most stringent requirements for storage and transportation are imposed on medicinal products. A considerable role in this matter is played by high-quality packaging, thanks to which the safety of medicines is ensured, regardless of the storage location – in a unique cabinet, in a bag, etc. For treatments, cardboard packaging is used. In addition, we offer services for the design and production of pharmaceutical carton packaging.

Cardboard packaging for medicinal products is one of the most popular types of pharmaceutical packaging, which provides reliable protection of medicinal products at a minimal cost. It also serves as a type of advertising and information, appealing and motivating customers to purchase.

Manufacturing Of Cardboard Packaging for Medicines

Cardboard packaging for medicines and pharmaceuticals produced by SM Custom Packaging complies with all standards adopted in our country. Our manufacturing allows us to solve the most challenging difficulties in creating boxes of any shape while considering the customer’s specific requirements. Get custom packaging boxes with logo for your product.

Our printing house is certified for printing pharmaceutical packaging (ISO 9001). We produce boxes for pharmaceutical industries. Our drug carton packaging services include boxes for tubes, tablets, vials, aerosols, ampoules. The packaging is printed following the labeling requirements. It can be decorated with lamination or varnishing.

You can order packaging

  • almost any size
  • of various shapes and configurations
  • with an exclusive design developed by our specialists
  • made of environmentally friendly material that does not contain harmful impurities
  • from different grades and densities of cardboard, both cellulose and recycled

Medical Packaging Material of Pharmaceutical Carton Packaging

It is preferable to select the material in consultation with our experts, considering the volume of contents and storage requirements. The denser the material must be to avoid deformation during transit and withstand the weight, the larger the volume. Boxes for tubes, tablets, wholesale custom packaging, vials, aerosols, and ampoules are among the medicine carton packaging options we offer. The labeling regulations are followed when printing the packaging.

The most popular packaging material is cardboard. Possesses the required strength and reliability. Both bleached (cellulose) and chipboard are used, which has a grayer tint.

The cheapest pharmaceutical packaging is made from inexpensive chrome-ersatz chipboard with one-color or two-color printing and a minimum finishing. These medicine boxes have a gray turnover and low rigidity.

The typical cut of the medicine cartons with two valves is employed in the majority of cases. A package with a top opening valve and a dovetail-type cardboard lock at the bottom is used to pack a cylindrical object, such as a bottle or jar with dietary supplements. We are happy to take on the production of unique pharmaceutical packaging.

Premium packaging for expensive medicines and dietary supplements requires the highest quality materials for production: high-white cellulose cartons with bleached or coated backing and double-coated front side. Such cardboard has high rigidity, an ideal flat surface, suitable for the highest quality printing.

Printing Carton Packaging for Pills and Medicines as Pharmaceutical Carton Packaging

The production of pharmaceutical packaging in our printing house is profitable due to offset printing machines of the second format and automatic gluing. The folder-gluer line produces up to two hundred thousand cartons per day.

In most cases, the standard cut of the drug cartons with two valves is used. If you need to pack a cylindrical object – a bottle or a jar with dietary supplements, a package with a top opening valve and a dovetail-type cardboard lock at the bottom is used. We will gladly take on the manufacture of custom-made pharmaceutical packaging.

Various finishes are used in the production of presentable pharmaceutical packaging:

  • printing with metalized inks,
  • foil stamping,
  • relief and blind embossing,
  • gluing windows made of transparent film,
  • spot UV varnishing,
  • Flocking, etc.

Protection of Packaging for Medicines from Counterfeiting

Cardboard packaging for medicines has special protection that prevents counterfeiting. This is especially important for the manufacturer because, according to some data, up to 30% of counterfeit products are present on the Russian medical market. The SM Custom Packaging company offers:

  • The use of selective embossing of both visible elements and individual characters simply on the surface of the material
  • Printing with Pantone’s or special paints to order
  • Original design with unique gradients and meshes
  • Selective varnishing with UV varnish using a flex mold
  • Foil stamping
  • Embossing
  • Relief stamping

Order Printing Of Packaging for Medicines with Delivery

“SM Custom Packaging” offers services for manufacturing cardboard containers for any goods, including medical products. From us, you can order pharmaceutical packaging of any form that best meets your needs. New equipment, high-quality materials, and many years of experience allow us to solve the following tasks effectively:

  • develop branded packaging;
  • in addition to full-color printing, make foil stamping;
  • carry out automatic folding of containers and inserts;
  • print large runs in a short time;
  • Accept orders from any region of Russia and the CIS countries.

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