Things You Remember Before Planning to Shift Bike for Long Distance

Things You Remember Before Planning to Shift Bike for Long Distance

When it comes to motorcycle transportation, the issue of proper preparation arises. Regardless of the distance to the new location, timely preparation is absolutely required. Understandably, you don’t want your prized two-wheeled companion to be harmed in the process. As a result, carefully read our advice on the subject. We can assist you in thoroughly preparing your motorcycle for transport in order to avoid any inconveniences during the process.

Things you remember before planning to shift bike for long distance

Step 1 – Examine the requirements of the transportation company you’ve selected.

It is unavoidable and critical to investigate the requirements of the transportation company you have chosen. Mr. Sreekanth of Pro Cochin House Shifting and Moving Packers, one of the leading movers in Kochi City said that the documents like Registration Copy, vehicle Insurance copy and original Pollution certificate is required especially if you shift your bike to inter-state.

Step 2 – Thoroughly clean your motorcycle before transporting it.

This is the step you should take very carefully and diligently. It will make a thorough inspection of your motorcycle much easier. When the cleaning is finished, you can see all of the paint chips, dents, and scratches at a glance. As a result, prior to transportation, identify all of these.

Step 3 – Thoroughly inspect your motorcycle.

A thorough examination of your motorcycle will provide you with information about its condition. As a result, any mechanical or cosmetic issues will be obvious to you right away. Taking pictures from various angles is also a good way to protect yourself if you have any issues with the transportation company. These images, as well as a written analysis of the inspection, should be given to your transportation company. Of course, keep the original documents safe. In the event that your motorcycle is damaged during transport, you will have verifiable proof of its original condition.

Step 4 – Tighten up all of your motorcycle’s loose parts.

Remove and secure all loose parts if you want to avoid potential damage to your motorcycle during transport. Surprisingly, for safety reasons, this is the best strategy. Because the transportation company is never liable for the damage or loss of these parts, you will not be entitled to compensation in the event of an accident.

Step 5 – Prepare any special instructions that may be required.

In general, preparing a motorcycle for transportation entails ensuring that it works properly. There are various methods for transporting your motorcycle, just as there are various methods for shipping your furniture. However, if your motorcycle isn’t broken, each of these methods is much less demanding. As a result, address any mechanical flaws as soon as possible. If, despite all precautions, your motorcycle remains inoperable, notify your transportation company ahead of time. Only in this manner will the staff be able to successfully plan, organize, and conduct transportation.

Final Words

Once you’ve decided on a reputable packers and movers company, you can properly prepare your motorcycle for transport. It may be a lengthy process at times, but safety and high-quality service are required if you want to complete this errand smoothly and without incident. It’s always advisable to consult with professional movers for relocation.

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