Unique and Trending Macaron Boxes & Macaron Trinket Boxes | RSF Packaging

Unique and Trending Macaron Boxes & Macaron Trinket Boxes | RSF Packaging

The Macaron Confection

The macaron is a traditional confection of Europe. It is first made by the chef of Italy Queen during the renaissance. This Parisian-Style confection is akin to a cookie sandwich. The ingredients of cookie may include icing sugar, almond powder, granulated sugar, egg-white and food colouring. Whereas the centre of these sandwiches is usually punching of butter-cream, jam, ganache, or clotted cream. This makes this confection the love of Europe. Macaron Boxes works as dressing on the cake. These sweet and soft macarons might have tasted by may lack the attraction.

Different confection stores use these boxes to make their macarons attractive in addition to taste. In Europe, this confection now has become a symbol of sweetness. People buy these macarons on large scales for their loved ones. Many confectioner stores now provide some decent and attractive gift box packaging with their macarons. They usually have these boxes form macaron boxes wholesale retailers such as RSF Packaging. Form them they purchase fully customize macaron boxes clear. Moreover, they also pay them to print the logo and design of their company on these boxes. They now have a full service in this regard.

Macaron Gift Boxes

In Europe, people see these macarons as a good option for gifts. And everyone knows that a gift needs to be special. Giving these macarons in simple boxes might not get more admiration. Furthermore, you might lack your present’s relevance if it is not attractive and charming. To overcome these issues, many companies are now providing different custom boxes. Among those custom boxes, they also serving macaron gift boxes. Normally there are three types if these macaron gift boxes which you can give as a gift. And these three are:

  • Simple Macaron Boxes
  • Macaron Favor Boxes
  • Macaron Trinket Boxes

v  Simple Macaron boxes


These are simply those boxes which you might get from a confectionery store. If not then you simply have some stylish customized boxes from packaging shops. These packaging have links with wholesale packaging companies. They will help you out in total custom of your macaron box. So normally these boxes are for putting macaron in them in a large quantity. Mostly those who visit their relatives and friends prefer these boxes as these boxes are specialized in their large/medium/small size customization.

v  Macaron Favour Boxes

Those who assist you or give any favour need full appreciation from you. And those who are angry with you they also need something to become relaxed on you. Finally, those who when coming to your life have changed it in an optimistic as your spouse way they also need something special form you. In all these cases you must have a macaron favour box. These boxes are specialized in shaping others mood in your favour. Their attractive feature will own the hearts of gift takers for you.

These boxes are usually small in size made up of thin plastic with a stylish ribbon over them. On these boxes, there will also be note chit. You can express whatever you want through this note chit and share some pieces of macarons on the small favour box.

v  Macaron Trinket Boxes

Trinket boxes are not specifically for macarons. Although the shape of these boxes is the same as a macaron we can use them for other purposes as well. These boxes are similar to a pouch or piece cover shape of a box. The quality feature of these boxes is their texture. These boxes look like macarons. So you can surprise your loved ones by placing your actual gift in these boxes. When you give this box to them they will fancy it as a macaron. But when they will open that they will become a surprise.

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