Why Do A Large Number of Malayalees Migrate to Bengaluru Compared With Other Indian Cities?

Why Do A Large Number of Malayalees Migrate to Bengaluru Compared With Other Indian Cities?

Migrants make up almost half of Bengaluru in today’s time, migration is not a new issue but has been going on for a while now. Bengaluru is known as the IT hub of India, you can find the best work opportunities in Bengaluru. 

While the capital city, Delhi has also seen a huge migration mostly from Bihar and UP. The difference between Migration in Bengaluru and Delhi is that Bengaluru witness’s a educated and skilled migration where as Delhi experiences a unskilled labour migration. 

A lot of people do not know what migration is, migration in simple words can be explained as a movement of a community or people to a new place in hope for a better livelihood. 

Migration is not a negative attribute, it is how the society works, in order to grow and explore we must leave the comfort of our home. Migration has been a active part of the society for centuries. 

Large scale migration in Kerala has also helped a lot of home grown business for instance, Bangalore to Kochi Packers and Movers are flourishing with work due to the migration. 

Malayalees Migrate to Bengaluru

Here are some reasons why a large number of Malayalees migrate to Bengaluru as compared to other Indian Cities. 

  • Bengaluru has better job Opportunities, as we know it is the IT hub of India, technically it hold the best opportunities for all the IT students. In today’s India, where the IT sector has exploded, engineering graduates from all disciplines, including civil and mechanical, are looking for work in IT. Bengaluru has the most IT job vacancies in India. 
  • Education sector in Bengaluru is also booming with opportunities, this city is considered to be the best for all the engineers, there are so many colleges that specialize in this sector. Parents want what is the best for their kids, even if it means migrating in order to provide the best education and lifestyle to their kids. 
  • Bangalore offers a higher pay than other Indian cities, in my experience. True, expenses are greater, but if you have a choice between a 50K pay and a 20K expense in Kochi and a 100K salary and a 35K expense in Bengaluru, you’ll surely select the latter. Kochi, in the recent time is also booming with opportunities, it is becoming an industrial sector and is seeing a steady growth. 
  • Bengaluru has a brand name attached to,  the most respectable occupations in Kerala are in the Middle East. However, inside India, Bengaluru has a strong reputation. For example, if the parents of a girl are looking for a match and have to select between three boys who are equal in every way except one works in Chennai, another in Delhi, and the last in Bengaluru, the majority will choose the last one. It is devoid of rationality, it is simply the city’s brand value.
  • The climate of the entire country is depleting but unlike other states Bengaluru still has a pleasant weather throughout the year. You can definitely experience the best of all weathers, unlike Mumbai or any other Indian city, the monsoon season in Mumbai is messy.
  • Bengaluru offers higher living standards, although Bengaluru’s living standards are not comparable to those of any other city or town in Kerala, they are the finest we could discover in south India. Cities such as Mysore and Coimbatore are equivalent or somewhat better than Bengaluru, but seeing the entire scenario these cities are nowhere near Bengaluru. 
  • Distance is another consideration, but it is not as crucial as the others. Otherwise, Malayalees may have chosen places such as Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram, or towns closer to Bengaluru like as Coimbatore, Mysore, Mangalore, and Chennai. Only when the travel time exceeds an overnight journey does distance become an issue. As a result, cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi are often overlooked.
  • Malyalees find Bengaluru similar to their home town, the language barrier that a malyalee would face in Bengaluru is certainly less to what they may face if they move to other Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Hyderabad. Not only there is a similarity of language but also of culture, Begnaluru is very much a part of the Soouth India and all the traditions and cultures are still deeply embedded. Malyalees find comfort and similarity in Bengaluru, something they would not be able to find in any other Indian city.
  • Bengaluru is a lively city, you can easily make new friends and find friendly locals all around the city. There are so many adventurous place to do in Bengaluru that you can never have enough of the city. 
  • Malyalees can find a similar cuisine in Bengaluru as they are used, as everyone knows, they are primarily non-vegetarians who consume moderate to large amounts of alcohol. There are so many good spots in Bengaluru that can help you experience the rich cuisine and culture of this beautiful city. 

All Indian cities are as good as Bengaluru, but malayalees find migrating here ideal because of the similarities in the culture and society. Hence, migrating to Bengaluru for them does not mean leaving behind their life and traditions. 

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