12 Tips for Better Beach Photography

12 Tips for Better Beach Photography

It’s hard to mess up beach photography. Whatever the failings in your shots, that deep-blue sea, the endless sky, and the brilliance of the sun as it hits the waves, should be enough to save the image. However, if you’re no longer satisfied with insipid, uninspired, and run-of-the-mill shots at the beach, here are twelve tips from experts that you can put to good use.

Look Beyond Cliché Shots

Beaches offer plenty of photographic opportunities, but only if you know where to look. To do that, you’ll need to go beyond the cliché. Stop taking photos of the sunset from the same angle. Is there a point of interest in the shot? Are there patterns in the sand? Can you capture the details of the rock? Use those details to capture compelling images.

Work on Your Timing

If you only whip out your camera, point, and click, that’s not going to give you the best angles. Wait for it. Timing is everything in capturing the perfect shot. Does the light come out right? Is the angle better?

Choose the Best Slot

Timing is also choosing the best times of the day to shoot the beach. Go early in the morning or during sunset. However, if you go there and capture daybreak, there won’t be a lot of people around, giving you more creative freedom with your shots.

Head to the Beach

You can get a lot of atmospheric shots if you go to the beach while others steer clear of it. For instance, if there’s a storm coming, you can shoot dark clouds and stormy seas. You’ll capture all that drama in your photos. Make sure you stay safe by having a safe place to stay after you take the photos.

Guard Against Exposure

Taking photos at the beach on a bright, sunny day will give you overexposed shots if you use manual mode. Play with the manual settings, so you can adjust the level of exposure.

aerial beach photography

Use Filters

UV and polarizing filters can do a lot to improve the tinge and shades in your photos. Experiment with both until you achieve the best results.

Pick Black and White

Rendering the photos in black and white creates drama. It completely changes the mood and feel of the shot. Considering how colors often play out in beach scenes, taking them out can do a lot to improve or doom your images.

Hire a Pro

There are slews of techniques that you can use to improve the way you take photos at the beach. But it’s not always easy to translate the information you read into practice. Hire a pro for aerial beach photography sessions. Watching an experienced photographer at work will teach you more than a few tricks that you can apply to your own photos.

Check the Portfolio

Go over the photographer’s portfolio. Do you like his/her style? Which styles are a good match for the results you have in mind?

Consider Fit

Aside from credentials, is the photographer easy to work with? Are you on the same page? Pick someone you’re comfortable with and not someone who will only stress you out.

Sort Out the Schedule

Book the services of the photographer ahead of time. Waiting until the eleventh hour may not get you a slot.

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