14 Jewelry Photography Mistakes That Can Cost Your Business

14 Jewelry Photography Mistakes That Can Cost Your Business

Shooting jewelry is harder than capturing other product photos. Jewelry ought to be shot in such a way that you offer a highly appealing picture with clear subtleties. It should help present the jewelry so that customers get drawn in and buy the jewelry product. Even a single error can be fatal. Here are the top 14 jewelry product photography mistakes that could cost you your business. So without further ado, lets’ get to it. 

1. Utilizing Unpolished Jewelry  

Jewelry is fragile. When you are a jewelry photographer and going for jewelry photo ideas, you need to manage the jewelry with elegance. If you are working with gems and are doing jewelry photography, one slip-up you might do is conducting a photoshoot of unpolished jewelry. This specific misstep might set you back a great deal. Check the jewelry from the outset. Ensure that the jewelry is cleaned. Keep in mind, a piece of unpolished jewelry can be noticed in the photograph even in the wake of editing.  

2. Shooting utilizing a lot of Lights  

Lighting in a photo is unquestionably assumed to be imperative for making the product photograph look great. In any case, a few photographers don’t have a clue about the appropriate extent of jewelry photography ideas and the lighting which ought to be placed in while doing jewelry product photography. This is an extremely common mistake. It is smarter to keep away from a lot of lighting while conducting a jewelry product photoshoot.  

3. Inappropriate Placement  

When you are shooting jewelry products, you must be extremely cautious and explicit about each viewpoint. The position is one of the significant issues you need to contemplate while doing jewelry product photography and is also one of the basic jewelry photography tips. If the arrangement of the jewelry isn’t right, you cannot get appropriate jewelry photos. Indeed you can put that in the corner, yet that must be imaginative.  

4. Shooting from Far  

Jewelry product photography ought to be finished with delicacy. Showing subtleties to the clients in a jewelry photo is particularly significant. Shooting from a point that is too far away and does not display the finer details of the piece will be a catastrophe, and the conversion rate will fall radically.  

5. Chaotic Way of Presentation  

A photo ought to be coordinated, assuming you need the photo to look great. For the most part, a product photo should be coordinated well as it is sales collateral. Assume you are shooting a neckpiece photo. However, how you are introducing or holding the product isn’t right. Try not to submit this slip-up while you are doing jewelry product photography.   

6. Distracting Background  

Background in any photo is a vital component. Picking a distracting background for shooting jewelry photography is a grave error that can make the photograph look most exceedingly terrible. As the actual jewelry is exquisite, there is no point in destroying the photograph utilizing too noisy a background for shooting jewelry photography. 

Since complex backgrounds will mistake you for the jewelry and the subtleties of the jewelry can’t be displayed. So when you are going for any photography, particularly jewelry product photography, you ought to consistently utilize a straightforward background with the goal that the background helps the jewelry photograph jump out in the image. A straightforward, strong shading background will help your jewelry product be the photograph’s focal point, drawing in the customers.  

7. Different Items in a Single Photo  

No photos look great with too many products in a single photo. An unnecessary number of products in a single photograph makes a photograph looks over-the-top and befuddling. Many individuals who work with jewelry products tragically shoot different jewelry in a single edge. However, you ought not to do that. That is not the correct way to take an appealing jewelry product photo. You can’t help the changing pace of your jewelry product photograph shooting like this. So you ought to try not to put numerous kinds of jewelry products when you are going for jewelry photography. At the point when you are shooting one set or one bunch of jewelry, click that one set or one bunch of jewelry products in one casing. That will make the photograph looks clamor-free and better.  

8. Pointless Props  

There are a few photographers who think utilizing various props is fun. Indeed, at times it does work, yet not during doing every jewelry photoshoot. In any case, that truly is anything but a smart thought. Jewelry is lovely. Utilizing different props in jewelry photos will make the photos complicated, which isn’t needed in any way. So you ought to abstain from utilizing pointless props during jewelry product photography.  

9. Reflections  

Reflections are profoundly valued in photography. It is what decides whether the photograph is appealing and tasteful. Yet, not all the time reflections can make sorcery. Reflections ought to come from the subject who looks great and not from the camera or the photographer. An impression of something inside a jewelry product looks dreadful.  

10. Over Editing  

The universe of photography these days can’t be thought of without jewelry photo editing services. Nobody distributes photos without editing. Editing jewelry photos is common. When you are doing jewelry business, you truly need to alter the photos before distributing them to make them look great. Many organizations and people take assistance from various photograph editing organizations to get the photos altered. You must be exceptionally cautious while editing the photos.  

11. Conflicting shooting  

Nothing looks more amateurish than conflicting inconsistent shots. Before you even start with your photograph shoot, make a bunch of rules for your jewelry photography and follow them during each shoot. Consistency is critical and surprisingly, the smallest contrast will be seen by your likely purchasers. Ensure you observe things like your camera settings, lighting, foundation, and hardware position so you can organize reshoots with no huge changes. 

12. Shaky pictures  

Regardless of how great your lighting arrangement is, we ensure the pictures will come out shaky without fail if you handhold your camera. For jewelry product photography, you’re continually going to need to utilize a stand for fresh, proficient-looking shots that permit you to utilize ideal gap and ISO settings. The best part is that you can check a spot on the floor and make another imprint for your product to make it simple to duplicate shoots on various days.  

13. Ineffective focus  

Product photography isn’t an ideal opportunity to get dilettantish and creative with your shots. You’ll need high gap, full focus photography that will give your clients sharp pictures so they can see every one of the excellent subtleties of your jewelry.  

We suggest utilizing an opening setting of f/11 or more prominent and set your ISO to as low as could be expected.  

14. Inaccurate white balance  

On the off chance that your white balance is off, tones may not have all the earmarks of being as they are, in actuality. Gold might seem blue, pink appear to be green, etc. Ensure your white balance is set precisely, so your jewelry’s tones come out as they truly are.


So there you have it, 14 common jewelry photography mistakes to avoid to help you convey better jewelry photos. If you continue to stay away from these mistakes, you will discover an improvement in your photography which will likewise assist you with making you a decent jewelry product photographer. So take a stab at keeping away from these mistakes and be a professional. I hope this article has proven useful. Till next time, happy snapping! 

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