8 Wedding Trends and Predictions For 2020

8 Wedding Trends and Predictions For 2020

With each passing year, there is a change in a wedding. The couples going to get married do something different in their marriage ceremony. Whether it is the selection of a venue, planning on how to decorate, what to serve guests, or what to wear, you want to have in your wedding what is trending now or what you should do for setting a trend.

Here are some wedding trends for this year

1. Green Vibes

People are getting more conscious of their environment and so they in a large number are opting for sustainable weddings. As an environment-conscious couple, you can think about upcycling your wedding. For this, you have to be committed to a decreased carbon footprint or zero waste. By following the trends, you can reset an heirloom engagement ring or a family stone. The trends include procuring local foods, repurposing ceremony floral, and hiring an eco-friendly vendor.

2. Venue and Decoration

A venue has its own importance in a wedding. There is an increase in the number of people going close to nature, so a park or garden wedding is a trend. It will be in the trend this year too. So first you have to select wedding venue for your wedding and start decoration plans to make your wedding amazing.

No event is without decoration. Many of the couples going to get married want to have a wow-moment on their wedding. Without extending your décor budget, you can do many exciting things for the decoration of the venue on your special day. For a true statement of your wedding, you can go with a neon installation, welcome wedding sign placement at the entrance and hanging florals on tables. Your guests will really have a different experience at your wedding.

3. Seating Arrangements

Whether it is marriage ceremony time or enjoying delicious dishes on a wedding, the guests need proper seating. For their seating arrangements, placing a long farmhouse table and ten round tables has been a trend. However, for your marriage in 2020, you should opt for more deceitful settings, such as winding tables, for seating of your guests. In this, you can push several tables together to form a design for adding an extra element in your wedding seating. You can place wedding seating charts to ensure that you guests have proper seating. Wedding seating charts will help your guests to find seating place as per arrangement.

4. Self-Serve Refreshments

Here it doesn’t mean a cooler filled with soft and hard drinks. It means the actual serving of a signature sip. At your wedding venue, you can create a wall-mounted dispenser, a slide of specialty garnishes, and a tricked out bar to allow your guests to have their own perfect cocktail. You can setup setting area for your guest to serve themselves and enjoy your wedding ceremony. By offering champagne-filled glasses with custom labels on arrival at your wedding venue you can impress your guests.

People love more drink at wedding than any other events so you must ensure your guest have an awesome wedding without any hassle. Remember that drinks we serve at the wedding tell a story. Your choice of cocktails, beer or cider, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages can truly give your guests unforgettable experiences.

5. Edible Flowers

In 2020 weddings, edible flowers will be an exciting trend. Tossed in salads, frozen in ice-cubes and sprinkled on dessert tops, the edible flowers are ideal for the one who are floral-loving duos. Going with the floral edibles is a simple way to raise anything virtually to classic vanilla cake from infused water. Weddings and flowers are a complement to each other. And so, you can use dried flowers to pair edible petals for a better romantic effect.

6. Trending huge

You mightn’t have started planning your wedding with a color scheme in your mind. Style first or settle on your vibe. After that, you can find a method to bring excitement and fun to your marriage celebration. Color is set to trend throughout the year, you can expect to see new millennial pink, a rich hue, faded denim, a mellow, and a blue that are equally serene and fresh.

7. Inclusive Menus

Couples are getting more caring about inclusivity in each aspect of their wedding planning and reception menus. Eats will have a check on all the boxes this year. There will be no problem whether guests are vegetarian, non-vegetarian, or vegetarian with a nut allergy. You need to be neutral to all your guests by offering an extensive array of sips and cuisines. Add some delicious food items as per your guest requirement; hire famous chefs for catering services. You can offer buffet with wedding cake and icy treat on hot summer days.

8. Magical Mysticism

Mysticism has made a place in wedding trends for 2020. It is a basically combination of spiritually charged vibes, such as palo santo, sagging, crystals, and photobooths. You don’t need it to have enforcement for this. However, you can work on making a unique couple style for your wedding. You can send your guests home with the classic stone for love, and a rose quartz crystal. Further, you can request your guests to pass the wedding rings during your marriage ceremony.


Trends come up and go every wedding season. The wedding rituals, decorations, menus, venues, etc, that are in fashion now become outdated after a period. For 2020 wedding trends, you can come across several changes in everything, from venue selection to wedding decoration and menu and thanksgiving note. Actually, it is your special day, it’s you who to decide what should be and what should be on your wedding day. Try to be a trend-setter for weddings in 2020.

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