The Best New Tech and Gadgets to Purchase This Month

The Best New Tech and Gadgets to Purchase This Month

Technology has drastically advanced over the years, and it seems that each month there are new goodies in store for tech-fans and those interested in staying up-to-date with all of the latest cutting-edge technology trends. With so many companies developing and creating technologies to make life just a little more exciting and convenient for their clients, there are far too many different types of technologies to cover. Favorite companies like Alphabet, Apple, Samsung, Oracle, Intel, Microsoft, and so many others are continually producing new technologies for the advancement of society and many times even the improvement of the World.

Most Trending Technology Markets

With so many forms of technology continually being introduced to the public at such an accelerated rate, how can anyone keep up with the conversation in the technology industry? It almost seems as though when we think we have the newest technology on the market, within a short period even days and hours something even more cutting-edge and sophisticated comes along, making our new products instantly obsolete.
Right now in technology, there are ten markets which develop the most sought-after products for consumers today.

These markets are:

AI Foundation: The market of AI Foundation is a technology marketplace which attempts to create personal AI interfaces for the personal use of consumers. Technologies are being produced through machine learning which creates practical problem solving and reasoning programs which are to assist in humanities efforts of progression. These machines can learn, plan, a have social intelligence.

Intelligent Things

Incorporating ordinary things with autonomous technology is no longer a thing of the future. Artificial intelligence will blend with everyday items such as vehicles and even refrigerators. The market of Intelligent Things is producing and developing smart objects which will make life just a little more convenient. This is the marketplace where the autonomous self-driving cars are being created and designed.

Digital twins

Digital Twins is the replication of physical objects and assets, people, places and things into digital representations of themselves. This is a marketplace which will combine the Internet Of Things with reality. Digital Twins research is producing and developing computerized versions of physical things and processes.

Cloud to the Edge

Machine learning and Computing is Edge technology, and this marketplace is producing and developing products which assist with the organization processes over many global industries, this technology will be used for clients who want more optimized data analysis and creation for the sectors of finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and even manufacturing.

Immersive Experiences

Virtual environments and experiences are developed through Immersive Experience technology markets. These companies create technologies such as AR, and Virtual Reality, and mixed Reality which provide mediums to virtual experiences that enlighten the senses and can be sometimes rarely similar to reality.


Blockchain technologies have been developed for peer-to-peer networking and digital transactions. This market has developed cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, banks, and so many other digital and decentralized transaction structures.

Moreover, Intelligent Apps and Analytics: Artificial Intelligence used in application development has created a revolutionary change in the way companies get things done. Intelligent Apps and Analytics marketplaces develop products which will be used to assist human users in their interactions with data and information. These data-driven and machine learning applications create a more proficient progression in industries, companies, and even personal lives. These products can range from virtual assistants to chatbots, even applications which make optimal use of the features of the device it is being used on.

With the latest technologies being in the category of machine learning and automation, the best technology products are stemming from these marketplaces, and are the must haves for 2018. Everything is On-Demand, and there is a constant struggle for supply, but companies are keeping up with the demands of their clients and producing revolutionary technologies which can even change the way we live as a society.

This year technology companies have come up with mind-blowing gadgets and gizmos which have been integrated into society and seen now an everyday norm. With so many products that have been released, and that are too come, there were ten which were used more by consumers and are becoming apart of everyday life. The most popular gadgets are able to be integrated with your smartphone which everyone keeps on them religiously; these gadgets turn your phone into a tool for progression.

Most Popular Gadgets to purchase:

Fitness Tracker

With Fitness becoming more a part of society, technologies which assist with health have become a must-have for tech consumers. These gadgets blend technology and physical activity, giving their users complete data for accomplishing their common health goals. The top companies which sell fitness trackers are Fitbit, Moov Now, Motive Ring, Garmin, and Samsung.

AI Assistant

You’ve seen them on tv, the little gadgets which assist with everyday activities with AI technology. There are so many, but the most popular and efficient Ai Home assistances have been Google Home and Amazon Echo. AI assistants can assist with all kinds of everyday activities; they can even control your home, open your front door, answer questions and come with so many features which are still being developed for the consumer’s benefit.


Virtual Reality has become one of the most popular new technologies to date. VRs turn your phone into a whole virtual world at your disposal. VRs have become the go-to for entertainment, putting their users right into the virtual environments, games, and even universes, giving them the experience of digital meets reality. VRs are also being incorporated into companies for users to create and develop better products and services for their customers. It is even to be integrated into education.

Smart Objects

Everything from Self-parking cars, to door locks which are connected to your phone, smart objects are making life more comfortable and more convenient with each product developed and produced through companies who create these technology gadgets. There are smart home and home automation products, even products that make entertainment even more entertaining such as smart TVs, there are far too many products to cover, but they are all making life just a little more enjoyable.

Adrian Rubin is a successful entrepreneur and a freelance writer for the tech, photography, and business industries.

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