The Experience of The Georgian Wedding Barn, Anyone Can Have It Cheap

The Experience of The Georgian Wedding Barn, Anyone Can Have It Cheap

Before going out and reading all the wedding magazines of all the things you have to pay to have a fabulous wedding, we just want to stop. Breathe. We are professionals in this field and we know how to help you navigate the deep and sometimes dark waters of wedding planning.

Key wedding expenses:

• Wedding cake
• Flowers
• An officiant to marry you
• Food to feed your guests
• Wedding dress
• DJ to start the party
• Invitations to take your guests to the party
• Wedding venue with the ceremony as well as reception venues
• A Photographer to capture memories as they fly
• Sentiments of marriage / decorations

If you’ve glimpsed on Pinterest, you know that these items can be made by yourself or traded for pennies on the dollar and cannot even affect your wedding budget.

And that leaves the place of marriage, food, photographer and a DJ. Fortunately, we have amazing photographers and DJs who are incredible and super affordable.

Now, that leaves only the place and the food. Guess what? You find catering services out there that are best at what they offer, you only need to search GOOGLE for cheap catering service near you and you will have many to choose from. And if you have a budget, wait with us because we will tell you how to save the most money and have an affordable wedding in Georgia

Affordable Wedding Venues In Georgia

There are two keys to having an affordable wedding in Georgia. The list of guests and the date of the wedding, it’s good. How many people do you invite to your wedding? And when will it be? They look like such innocent questions. But these two questions can mean thousands of dollars for your wedding budget.

Now, our wedding venue is a fixed price based on the date you book it, no matter how many guests you have. BUT!!! You could always have a nice affordable wedding in Spring Lake. How is it?

Georgian Wedding Barn Prices Are Subject To Change

First, you want to choose the date of your wedding. If you check out some wedding price pages, you’ll notice that a Sunday in November is almost half that of a Saturday in May! Do you want to save a large portion of your wedding budget right away? Then, a Sunday in July or November is your ideal place.

And when you get to this point, a wedding of 200 people on a Saturday in May that serves chicken in the Red Canoe package (again a catering service and an incredible steal of food) currently costs about $ 9,000 while a Wedding of 75 people on a Sunday in November serving the Lakeside Package BBQ will be around $ 4,200 if you make your own flowers. (All these prices are subject to change, but they are generalized so you have an idea).

Finally, as you carefully choose the date of your wedding, inviting only your dearest friends and family and celebrating a small wedding party (you can make your own flowers), you can save about 50% of the most expensive items. Does it look like a steal or what? We told you that you could have a cheap wedding and still amazing.

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